Cutest Cushion!

Hello my friends,
have you ever felt a connection from the get go with somebody even though they live miles and miles away?

That's how it was with me when I discovered sweet Kim from 
Talented Kim lives down under in Derby Tasmania, Australia.
But believe me, she is no Tasmanian devil.  In fact, she is quite the complete opposite.  An angel of a gal is she!!

We may not speak the same language.  What she calls a cushion, I call a pillow.  What she calls, "tarting it up", I call dolling it up.

that doesn't stop us from being kindred spirits!
Each time I visit her blog it is sheer delight!  I leave with a big smile on my face and yes, a bit of envy because she is so amazingly talented!

When Kim learned of my cancer diagnosis last year she has been ever so sweet, (like so many of you).  
The other day my hubby opened the front door and there sat a package.  "What's this, he said?  I replied, that I didn't know.  I hadn't ordered anything.  The minute I saw the return address I knew just exactly what it was.

But I was not prepared for the beauty that graced my eyes when I opened it.

In Kim's words:  it's a little basket of floralicious delight.

I can just see her magical hands at work.  She creates each and every blossom from her endless supply of ribbons.

It's gracing a chair in the corner of our living room.  Happy smiles fall upon my face every time my eyes feast upon it!

 It's all about the details.
She truly is a wizard at tarting up a cushion!
Recently Kim did a post sharing this cute cushion.  I can't believe I missed it because I get a notification when she does a new one.  Somehow I did.  In fact, I just happened upon it today.
I copied this from her post.

 "I have fashioned another cushion overspilling with a basket of ribbon flowers. Another cushion; another opportunity to play with ribbons, coaxing them into floralicious delight. This cushion is not for me; more's the pity. It is flying over land and sea to a beautiful lady. I wish I was there when she opens it. I think she will like her sweet little cushion."
Here is the post where she shares the cushion.
If you are not following Kim, believe me you will want to.  She writes in the most joyous delight!  Here are some photos that I have taken from her blog.
You will be amazed at her talent!

Here she is busy fashioning, (I mean tarting up some curtains)

Her home is filled with so many pretties.

There is nothing that she can't do!

And her gardens are breathtaking, as is her photography!

I could go on and on.  Every photo on her blog is just a bit of eye candy.  I suggest you hop over and see for yourself.  :)
A big thank you to Kim for my cute cushion!
You are an angel friend indeed!!


Stacey said...

Your little cushion is tarted up beautifully! I'm off to follow Kim. ;)

Margie from Toronto said...

How gorgeous! She is a very talented lady and I will take a look at her blog. Thank you and enjoy your lovely present!

mimi_62 said...

What a sweet &thoughtful lady! So beautiful!

Jeanie said...

Simply lovely! How very pretty!

Susie said...

Jann, I love your new pillow. What a sweet gift from Kim. She does indeed have a talent. I loved seeing all her crafting. Praying you are doing great and enjoying the ending of the hottest summer . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That pillow is beautiful but the heart and hands that made it are more precious for sure. How kind and loving! I'm going over to check out her blog!! Hugs!

Judy Clark said...

That is one gorgeous pillow. Love all of the detail. What a sweet gift.


happyone said...

Such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. She is very talented.

Louca por porcelana said...

Your pillow/cushion is really adorable and unique,perfect gift for you,Jann!Kim's blog is just wonderful...Hugs!

Kim said...

I am so happy you love your little cushion, my beautiful friend. I just wanted to give you a sense of the joy and happiness you gift to me and others, each time we visit your beautiful blog....your beautiful place. Thank you so much, dear Jann for your generous words. I did wonder if that was really me you were talking about. =) Seriously though, the best thing about this blogging caper is 'meeting' gorgeous souls such as yourself. I am ever thankful I happened upon you, and your beautiful and happy place. It is such a pity there are a couple of oceans between us because I would dearly love to sit in that fabulous kitchen of yours and enjoy a cuppa and a natter with you; not to mention strolling through each room of your home oohing and aahing at the amazing vignettes that only you can 'throw' together. You, lovely Jann, are a treasure. ♥

Rose L said...

What a beautiful pillow! I am going to check out her website as see she makes lovelies like I love! I always envy such talent! I bet your eyes were big and a bit moist upon seeing the gift! Mine would be!! Bless you always!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Just beautiful! And your colors, Jann! I've signed up to get her posts, love the photos you've shared. If she hasn't already been featured in magazines, she should be!!

Sandi Magle said...

I love visiting Sarah Lizzie's. She has such an exhuberant love of color---I'm always amazed and enthralled by the luscious details she uses. Lovely pillow from a lovely artisan and lady!

Thelma said...

Beautiful cushion. A very talented lady. I will more definitely follow her.

cloches and lavender said...

Bot is she talented. Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. The jacket shown gorgeous. I am off to follow her.

I'm so sorry I didn't know and wasn't around for your diagnosis. I have been in and out of posting because I have had ups and downs of my own with my MS.

I don't talk about the details. I never want to give the impression I want pitty.

I should I suppose talk about it a bit. Things are very positive with a new drug.

I so pray you are doing well.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


Saimi said...

Holy Smokes! She is a talented girl and a thoughtful friend at that! Such a lovely gift indeed. I'll have to follow her now that I see she is a fellow quilter it's about the only thing we have in common haha, Everything else is just a bonus seeing that she can do just about everything else!
Hope you are doing well.

Kim said...

What a lovely gift and a fabulous friendship. This is the best part of blogging!! And I LOVE her style. Off to make a new friend of my own. Thanks for the introduction Jann! Enjoy your cushion!! xoxo

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Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love the "cushion"!! And I am headed over to check Kim's blog!! Love her style!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Debby in Kansas, USA said...

You must've felt like you won a lottery when that beautiful pillow arrived! I couldn't help but notice that its colors resemble the flowers that surround your blog picture! I also love where you placed it.

She is quite talented. I was googly eyed over the cover on that chair. My husband has a similar chair that he inherited from his grandmother and it got me thinking....wink wink..... I will definitely be peeking over at her blog. I can never see enough pretty things!

Thanks for sharing!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Oh, I just love Kim and her beautiful handiwork. I saw that post on the sweet cushion and wondered who the lucky girl was getting it. I am so envious but so happy it is YOU! Her work is amazing and every post is filled with her witty narration and beautiful pictures. She made that sweater she is wearing in the picture too. Amazing!

Gina said...

Jann, I thought I'd commented but I guess not. :-)

Kim is a true artist and I too am filled with wonder when I visit her blog. What a kind gesture and beautiful pillow she sent you!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

That is GORGEOUS! Yes, she is very talented. I made a burlap wreather recently and winding the burlap in and out of the wreath ring nearly drove me nuts...I have no patience for this kind of thing. What a SWEET GIFT! All the way from Australia. So nice for you to have a connection. And please forgive me if I am late or am repeating myself about your cancer diagnosis. I am so sorry to read this. Such a trial you must be going through. Will keep you in my prayers.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wow! Kim is so talented and the cushion she made is really beautiful and so wonderfully detailed.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh my goodness, I wondered where the gorgeous creation of Kim's was going to turn up!!!! Now I see the destination, and what a perfect spot the cushion/pillow has landed...right in your home, Jann. I do follow Kim, and love to read each of her posts to see what she's up to, and I'm always in awe. The pillow has reached th perfect place and I know you will love, appreciate, and enjoy it. xxoo

Jennifer Wise said...

That is SO beautiful!! And how sweet of her to do that for you and send it all that way. What a cherished gift. I didn't know about your diagnosis. Prayers, hugs, and blessings.

Sweet Tea N ' Salty Air said...

Love the non repetitious flow of style, the unexpected and the beauty beyond normal. Such a refreshing debut of talent! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

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Elain Sommers said...

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