Warm Winter Whites. . .

Hello my friends,
I can't believe that it has taken me so long after Christmas to get back to my blog!
I have missed blogging and visiting you!!!
So, I am very happy to be back!

Here in Utah we are getting the winter that we have needed for a long time.  Last year we had no snow to speak of, so I am not complaining!
How can you complain when it looks so pretty?
Snow really is quite magical!!


If you know me, then you know that I am a color girl.  I love adding pops of color into our home.
But after the riotous colors of Christmas I was ready to embrace some of the warm winter whites.
Recently I was contacted and asked if I would be willing to review a set of beautiful white sheets.
I was happy to do so.
We will continue to have cold weather for awhile, so I've left the 'Winter Wonderland' quilt I made years ago on the bed.
I have shared this quilt often, so let's focus on the embellishments.
But first, here's a peek of it up close.  Lots of redwork embroidery. :)
We've had the sheets on our bed for a week now.  They are beautiful!  Soft, and silky feeling, but not slippery.
They are very high quality and I would recommend them to any of my family and friends.
You can find them at California Design Den and this is a link to them on their Amazon page. 
They are nice sized with lots of fabric to be tucked in on the sides and bottom.
They are Sateen Weave, 400 thread count and 100% cotton. 
Normally I would have ironed the sheets, but because I have had such a lack of energy it just didn't happen.

For Christmas I hung this sparkly wreath from the windmill blade.  I felt it looked frosty and decided to leave it for a while longer.
A few years ago I painted our cherry wood sleigh bed white with Annie Sloan chalk paint I still love it!
Hubby and I created the shiplap wall behind the bed a couple years ago.  It really brightened up the room.
I brought some of my white accent pillows out for warmth and coziness.
This bolster was bought on clearance at Target.
I bought this sweet ruched pillow at a shop that was about 15 minutes away from our home.  Sadly it has closed.

I have a darling white wool throw, but I couldn't find where I had put it, so out came the one from IKEA.  The white fur rug from Home Goods carries on the winter white theme.

Of course I had to throw in a touch of love for the upcoming Valentines Day.  I love wool, so that was just an added bonus

I know many of you are experiencing harsh winters.  Stay safe and I hope this brings a little warmth and love into your hearts!
And, just a little update on me:  Today was the last day of 6 weeks of radiation and chemo.  I am so happy!!  Another blessing is that I was told I would lose my hair the 2nd or 3rd week.  It didn't happen.  I was totally prepared to lose it, so it was a nice surprise!
Thanks for all the e-mails and sweet thoughts and prayers from so many of you!!


Louca por porcelana said...

Hi Jann!!!I am so glad to "hear" about you!Your quilt is adorable,great artwork!I also love the pretty pillows.Your snow pictures are stunning!Blessings!Best wishes,dear Jann!

Artsy VaVa said...

I'm so happy to see you back Jann! I will continue to pray for your healing.

Regina said...

Hello Jann! It's great to hear from you. Blessings to you! If you have specific prayer needs please let us know.

Kim said...

Oh how wonderful to visit you and your lovely place once again, Jann. Gosh that is a lot of weeks of radiation and chemo; praying the effects of this treatment will soon lessen. Your bedroom is divine. Love your winter wonderland quilt and the LOVE pillow....well...Love it! Not only is your home beautiful on the inside but outside seems to be shining brightly with winter magic, too. Take care, lovely lady. Sending you many hugs♥

Anonymous said...

Jann, I'm so happy to see you back to blogging. Your quilt is so lovely! As are all your red and white touches!

happyone said...

What a beautiful quilt.
Pretty winter scenes. I like snow and am glad I live in a place where it snows.

Sue said...

Jann, I was so happy to see that you had posted. Congratulations on finishing your treatment. I absolutely love that quilt, especially the red embroidery. Thanks for sharing! Hugs and prayers - Sue

cloches and lavender said...

Jann so happy to hear you are finished with chemo. Love all your winter touches and the quilt is so pretty. I will continue praying for you. I sent you emails and I hope you got them. I wanted you to know I was thinking of you


Quiltingwiththefarmerswife said...

Yea, you are blogging! Your quilt is beautiful. I made a red and white quilt last year and the first time I washed it the reds ran. I did put color catchers in the wash but they just didn't get it all. The fabrics were 'quilt shop' reds. Next time I make a red/white quilt I will be sure to prewash the fabric.
Love your wintry whites and the 'Love' pillow. It all looks fresh and cozy.
With prayers, Patty McDonald

Mareliz said...

Hello Jann, I hope everything's great with you and your family. Just dropping by to say hello. Take care. Here in Singapore is the exact opposite, its very humid. Have a lovely weekend

Stacey said...

Jann, it's so good to see you back. I've been thinking about you!

Love all the whites you've added in to your pretty house. White is always a great choice, in my opinion. We need all the light and bright we can get. :)

Cherie said...

Hi Jann, it's lovely to see you blogging. You sound really upbeat and chirpy. The quilt is absolutely stunning and your snow pictures look ethereal. Stay safe and warm my friend. x

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I enjoyed looking at how pretty you decorated your bedroom. The quilt you made is just gorgeous. I am so glad that you are feeling a little better. Sending a lot of hugs your way.
Julie xo

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

The sheets sounds lovely. I love the quilt and the pillow accents. That ruched pillow it’s so unique! So glad to hear you are are at the end of the radiation and chemo treatment. It may take a while but hopefully soon you will get your strength back. So grateful to see a post by you and a status update. God Bless, keep the faith...Hugs, Liz

Jeanie said...

This may be the most welcome post I've seen in my in-box for a long while! Welcome back, my friend, and I'm so very glad your chemo and radiation are over! That had to be a long haul and I know you must be tremendously exhausted, so don't push too hard!

But oh, I love your space. Like you, I leave some wintry things that come out at Christmas up for awhile and if that were my quilt, I would even hate taking it down in April, it's so pretty! Love the wreath, too. It's festive and so very pretty!

Sylvia said...

Jan, Congrats on the end of treatment. I am so glad to hear from you.
I have not seen red work embroidery before and it is so gorgeous. Lovely blanket. Love the wreath on the wall. Sylvia D.

Anonymous said...

Jann, one year ago this month I started 18 chemo treatments and then I did 10 radiations to my brain, 10 radiations to my throat and 30 to my chest (I had lung cancer) I did lose my hair. It just started growing back and they discovered a tumor on my liver. It is small cell cancer and it travels. I started radiation again yesterday but they promised me I wouldn't lose my hair this time. I only have to do 5 treatments this time. I will include you in my prayers. That blanket is just beautiful! I'm sorry but I don't know how to do a Google account so I have to be anonymous but my name is Patty.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Glad to hear you are done with radiation/chemo and that you kept that lovely hair of yours Jann! Sending you prayers and hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

Nice hearing from you . Happy to read that you are finished with the treatments. You are in our prayers.
Marilyn,and Marion

Heidi said...

Jann, I agree with you that snow is magical. Glad you finally got the winter you needed there. You bed set looks so very pretty, perfect for the weather. Enjoy your snow!

Kim said...

Jann, your bed is gorgeous. I'm a color girl like you (RED!!) so I can't take my eyes off that quilt and pillows. And I need new sheets, so I'm popping over to Amazon to check them out. I'm so glad you're done with your treatment. That's wonderful!! Thinking of you and sending more wishes for good health my friend. xoxo

sandi s said...

Your room is so pretty! I love your bed and the quilt and pillows and just everything. The snow picture is magical. Hugs,

Sweet Tea N ' Salty Air said...

Hi Jann. Nice to see your blog today, Love your quilt and cozy room. I am super jealous of the snow. Im a northern girl in a southern state where theres no snow to be found. Enkoy your winter whites and stay warm! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N ' Salty Air

Salmagundi said...

Still praying for a complete recovery for you. I know I have shared my daughter's glioblastoma before; so we know that the miracle of total recovery is possible. We've had snow and cold; but I thoroughly enjoy it, as it is an excuse to stay in and quilt. I've finally completed some obligations, so this week I've started a new quilt for fun. Hope you are finding some joy and blessings in each day, too. Sally

Cindy Lou said...

I pray EVERY night for people who are going through treatment ! So sorry to hear and hoping your spirit and soul and strength will prevail ! LOVE your red and white quilt ! A TRUE MASTERPIECE !! Take care , Cindy Lou Hoo

Lady of the Manor said...

It as so good to see your post, Your bedroom looks so cozy. I’ve kept a bit of cozy winterness up after Christmas, too. Keeping you in my prayers, dear Jann. Zenda

Rita C at Panoply said...

Jann, your winter whites and red bedroom looks to be the perfect respite and/or reward for completing the 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. Congratulations, warrior and friend! Certainly not by your choice, but you make such an inspiring model for anyone who has to endure such an ugly thing. I'm so happy to see your post, and know that you're past this phase of the treatment. Sending lots of warm thoughts and a hug. xo

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Jann, congratulations on finishing your chemo and radiation!! Always in awe of your energy! Your bed is pretty but that quilt is gorgeous, yiur so darn talented.

Debby Ray said...

Welcome back, Jann! I do love me some snow and it is amazing how it transforms the landscape. So glad to hear that you have come to the end of your treatments and are doing well...and YAY about the hair! Your bedroom "winter whites" are so pretty and that quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS! Blessings to you!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

It's good to hear from you, Jann. Your bed looks so pretty and outside looks so cold! but pretty too. I'm glad to hear you have finished up your treatments and that you didn't lose your hair. Stay warm and keep recuperating..Happy Weekend..Judy

Barbara jennings said...

Love all the red and white in your bedroom. The wool "love" pillow is divine, I may have to try something similar (and that quilt!). Glad you are finished with the chemo and radiation, the radiation for my husband's tumor was a bit rough,never was able to finish a series of chemo (he had a reaction to it). He is still going strong and that was about 12 years ago! You are in my thoughts often.

Sandi Magle said...

Your ears must have been burning, because after staring at mountains of snow and three foot icicles here in Chicagoland, I was craving some Jann COLOR! So glad to see you posting. I hope all the treatments do their job, so glad to hear from you! Hugs, Sandi

Karie said...

Oh how happy I am to see you posting on your blog. I have missed you just as so many have. Most of all I am happy to hear you are doing ok. God bless you Jann. I love the beautiful quilt. I have some blocks that I stitched. Planning to make them into a quilt. I will have to dig in my stash to find them. Your quilt has inspired me to get mine done. You also inspire me. You keep moving forward with faith. Everything will turn out fine. Hugs from Karie over the mountain from you. (surely we can meet sometime)

Jackiepacheco814 said...

Oh Hello so nice to hear everything is coming along for you Praise God!The winter picture is beautiful and I'll check out those lovely sheet.Im your in my prayers 🙏🏼

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Dear Jann,
I am praying for you. You can contact me directly if you'd like specific prayer. You know the way.
Your bed is beautiful. The redwork is impressive. I've thought of trying it myself, but since chemo, I have spent lots and lots of time knitting hats. I haven't even sewn since October! I have a few projects I need to finish, too.
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 paraphrased a bit.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Jann, I was so happy to find you back at your blog today. I hope this last round of chemo and radiation will be all that's needed. You have been handling all this so amazingly well. Love your winter whites with just touches of color. Very serene looking. Wishing you all the best. Stay cozy!

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