Am I Sick or What?

It’s not unusual  whenever I mow the lawn that I see deer droppings.


The other day however, I noticed a large unusual pile of, (you guessed it,) poo!

Don’t worry, no pic.  Really, I’m NOT that sick!

I found myself wondering, “What kind of poo is that?”

I even went as far as asking my hubby when he got home from work.

Is that sick or what?

See Oprah what you and Dr. Oz have done to us!

Not only do we wonder about our own poo, (Is it S or C shaped), but now we (or maybe only I) wonder about animal poo.

Something about poo, once it’s in your head it’s hard to get it out.  It’s kind of like a bad word.  I found myself thinking that I had better hum a song to see if I could get rid of the thought of poo.

Now, I really never thought about poo until after I saw that episode on Oprah.

Well, I did do a post that mentioned it when I first started blogging.  This was back when my only followers were family and a friend or two. However, I think it was after I had seen that episode.

If you enjoy this post, (I don’t think I’m the only sick person out there) hee-hee!  you might want to check it out.

Before you do, I must warn you.  The word that I used is a word that I NEVER use. Don’t know why, but that day it was the only word that seemed to fit.

Did I mention that I got a lot of chastising about this post?

However, some of my children told me that they loved it.

Actually, I hardly ever watched Oprah.  It was before the day of DVR and I didn’t watch T.V. in the day time.

I even boasted about, “How I NEVER turned the T.V. on in the day.”  I was MUCH TOO BUSY for that.

Now I realize that I just missed out on a lot of important stuff.

Like, I’m so glad now that I know what healthy poo looks like.

Now that the Oprah Show is gone, my undaunting question is?

Who else in the world knows poo?

I’m not linking this post with anyone.  Thinking maybe this one is only for my die-hard followers.


Kris said...

That post on poo, your previous post, was hilarious!
: ) Kris

Diane Writes said...

I read your previous post.. hilarious but kept me thinking for a while too.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You definitely lead an interesting life! The things we worry...I mean wonder about! lol! ♥

Whittron said...

So do we know what animal it was?

Rettabug said...

Jann, I just finished watching Dr. Oz's "Pee & Poop" program & found myself laughing out loud. My mother would turn over in her grave if she saw what was on TV nowadays. She used to change the channel when a Kotex commercial came on! LOL

Soooo, what kind of animal WAS it in your yard???

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Jann,

What are you up to now? I guess I'am one of your die hard followers... I think after you have children and the raising of them we can talk about anything after that. I remember having to record down when they were newborns when and if they had what kind of BM that day!!
I better go now, don't tell them I said that!!
All the Best,