Take’n a Tub. . .

When one of my grand daughters was little and she was spending the night with us she use to ask, “Grammy, can I take a tub?”

It always made me smile and in the back of my mind I always wanted to ask, “Where do you want to take it?”. 

For quite some time I have seen a tub that I did want to take.

Take where you ask?  Home with me of course!

Porch on Main, a cute shop in Springville UT has had a vintage baby bath tub out in their gardens.  I have had my eye on it for some time.

It’s a bit pricey so I have been holding back.  On Friday two friends and I stopped off at the shop after visiting a local nursery.  A big sign outside said, SALE!  It was 20% off one item.

Guess who ended up take’n a tub.


I just sat it on my deck for now but I think it will end up down on the patio by the pergola.  Notice my cute new giant mailbox?  I scored it at a shop for $10.




They had raised the price of the tub $50 because it was now planted..  So with the sale I paid what was the original price.  Oh well, I’m glad I bit the bullet and bought it.  Guess it’s like I got the plants and dirt for free.  Some of the Spring plants will have to be replaced later with others, but that’s not hard.

After buying it I called hubby and said, “You just bought me a Mother’s Day gift”

He said, “What am I going to do with the one I already bought for you?”  Like I believe that, heck it isn’t even May yet.

Happy Mother’s Day to me.



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Crafts a la Mode said...

This is so wonderful. My sister bought a big washtub in Pennsylvania and fills it with flowers every year. Beautiful pictures. Linda

Following you, also.

allisamazing said...

Your tub is oh so cute and the mailbox is perfect with it! I love it when something I have my eye on goes on sale :)

Marsha said...

Wow! I love the new (old) tub. I have secretly wanted one for years. Good for you!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You did good finding one with its stand.
Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. Enjoy your weekend.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh I could write a book for a comment on this post!
I adore...and that is putting it mildly the tub! I want one sooo bad, but you got a good deal...I have seen them in the hundreds!
I cracked up about the Mother's Day gift...my husband won't let me do that..buy something and say it is a gift, but if I did he would say the same thing...and you and I Both know they don't go shopping until the last possible moment!! Like we don't know them by now!

Gina said...

That tub is just so cute! I love it and am glad you bit the bullet & bought it.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

You are kinky! Gee!
What an adorable tub, I never seen one like that. Did it come with the stand, too? It goes with your yard so pretty!

Lori E said...

Sometimes we just have to buy it or we end up regretting it when it is snapped up by someone else.
It is a great piece.

Helen and her Daughters said...

Oh I love it, I saw one this weekend but it wasn't for sale. Hope to find me one soon. The mailbox is fabulous too!

NanaDiana said...

I knew you had a kinky side!;>) I love your tub! I have never seen one quite like it. Is it porcelain ware? Did the stand come with it? I would have arm wrestled you for that baby!

Hmmmm...wonder what the hubster got you...as if....tell him you want it NOW being as you already have celebrated Mother's Day and watch him squirm a bit! xo Diana

Linda said...

You are so creative! And an inspiration...I love the tub!

Olivia said...

Oh my goodness this is simply adorable! xo Olivia

Nann said...

The tub is just adorable. Love it! I want to run over and see it. I haven't been to Springville for quite some time. I can see I'm missing alot! Great find!!!

Vicki/Jake said...

UT county has the cutest shops! Glad this came home with you, who else would love doing a tub so much:)

Debra@CommonGround said...

Jann, this is just too adorable. I'm all about the garden and flowers this week, so I'll be featuring this post on VIF!! xo

Donna said...

Cute post, and I love the bathtub!
Happy Mother's Day hehehehe

genie said...

What a precious post. I just love the story of “taking a tub.” As you grow older, I know that tub is going to bring you years and yeas of that special memory. The plantings in it are so nice. What a clever idea. genie

ps...an early happy mom’s day to you.

Antiques And Teacups said...

That's a great find! And it was even better planted!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

How cute! I want! I think 50 is a pretty good deal already planted.

EG CameraGirl said...

It's a sweet planter, something I'd like to own myself.

Evelyn S. said...

I'm sure I've never seen a tub that size before! What a wonderful idea....and it looks right at home with your darling mailbox.

Nancy said...

Isn't that just the cutest thing? I'm so glad you bought it! And you just gave me an idea for the four old mailboxes I have. Thank you! :)

(and thanks for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week.)

Anonymous said...

What a charming planter!

Unknown said...

Rub a dub dub that is quite a tub! Ha now all ya need to fins is a vintage set of concrete duckies to go with it!! Or...vintage rubber duckies and other vintage vintage rubber toys....clear round outdoor strand lights could be bubbles....OMG there I go I'm so bad.. get a theme and off I go...I want one too!!

Coloradolady said...

I love it! Right up my alley...good for you..enjoy it!!

Eclectically Vintage said...

That is the best planter ever!! Glad nobody scooped it up before you changed your mind. It's the perfect Mother's Day gift!
Linky following.

Eclectically Vintage said...

Pinning this too - it's fabulous!!

Anne Payne said...

LOL! Your humor is great, and the tub is simply delightful! And the mailbox...awesome!

Nancy said...

I love the little tub. So pretty with the flowers. Never seen anything like it. In my opinion, it was worth every penny. You'll enjoy it for a long time. Love your blog and humor. I'm your newest follower.

Skylar Magazine said...

Very cute! I love the mailbox too. Congratulations on scoring 2 very cool decoratives.

My name is Sarah, I just started following. I found you at Make The Scene. Sometimes I link up there, but I'm not a crafter yet and I didn't have anything crafty to link up. I am venturing into crafting and looking to other creative people for inspiration.

Anyway, you can stop by if you want and I'd love for you to follow me too. I'm about to go check out the front porch and side yard sitting area. The bright colors caught my eye.