Good Morning Vietnam!

Vuong Duc Binh and his wife

Their homeland

They call this fruit beautiful girl

flower of New Year

Angel Hair

This post is dedicated to one of my followers Vuong Duc Binh and his wife who live in Vietnam. I have no idea how he stumbled across my simple little blog, but I have enjoyed conversing with him from time to time. Last August he sent me some pictures of flowers and vines growing on his homeland. As I anxiously await the arrival of Spring, (I even have a count down on my chalkboard that I am marking off the days), I can't help think about him and his wife and wonder if flowers are still blooming there. Do they have a cold season, or is it always warm? The pictures that he sent reminded me of a tropical paradise. At times I have wished that I lived somewhere warm where I could garden all year long. But then every Fall I find myself a bit worn out and actually looking forward to putting the gardens to rest. I wonder, do they have to tend to their plants all year long or does mother nature do it for them. Just something to think about while I await the arrival of Spring. Daffodils are a comin!!

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Vuong Duc Binh said...

I'm sorry! I have read this charming entry for a week before but I have a difficulty to comment on it due to my weak english.... I need a lot of time to gather vocabularies enough to express my think about this entry...
The last month is - in some ASIA nations including Vietnam, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc... - a traditional TET (which means NEW YEAR DAYS in lunar calendar). So all the tropical flowers bloom! Except China and Korea there are only two seasons in the other remaining tropical countries: The rainy season and the dry season. In Vietnam TET have happened in the transition between the rainy and the dry season. Everyone feel easy with the fresh climate, not so cold and not so hot!
... Have you and your husband ever make a tour to Vietnam - especially in these funny days - we (me and my wife) will be very happy to accept you... I think you will be fun with our charming land.

Gà ròm said...

Dear Mrs. Olson,

That's very nice to see my parents' picture and some of their beautiful trees here.
Now I am away from that "tropical paradise". Your entry reminds me all the sweet and lovely memories I'd ever had. Thanks a bundle!
It would be great if you and your family could travel to Vietnam and visit my homeland someday!

Vivian Vuong Tuyet Van

Ky said...

Those flowers are beautiful! vietnam looks amazing!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Vuong Duc Binh,
It is nice to hear from you. I enjoyed all of the information you gave. I love learning about your country. I read your comment to my husband and he said, " I have always wanted to go to Vietnam." It won't be this year, but we are definately going to try and come visit sometime. We would love to see your homeland and get to meet you and your wife. It was also very fun receiving a comment from your daughter. I'm glad she was able to have fond memories. I don't know where she lives now, but I am sure she misses her home.

Vuong Duc Binh said...

We have two daughters. One is living in Singapore, the other in Germany. Both they are engineer there... The elder one had comment here...

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Small, small world. My husband and my youngsest son are both engineers.