Patience is a Virtue!

Growing up I always remember my mother saying "Patience is a virtue"whenever us girls became impatient. It's a quote that I found myself saying to my own children quite often. Now I am saying it to my grandchildren. This time of year I myself become very anxious for Spring and have to recite this quote in my mind periodically. As I thought about it this week my mind wandered to some of the things that I do to pass the time until Spring arrives. I thought I would share them with you.

1. Browse through garden books and get ideas of projects I might want to do in my yard. Being in a new house, there are many. Again, PATIENCE I know that I can only do a little at a time. Actually, that is half the fun. Contemplating the next project.

2.Order plants or seeds that are a bit unusual or different than what I normally have. I have my favorites that I have to plant every year. This year deer resistant plants are on the top of my list.

3. Occassionally I take a stroll around the yard to see what little plants have started to poke their heads out. Yesterday I noticed a few of my daffodils are coming up, YEAH!

4. Just getting out and raking or pulling a few little weeds seems to give me a lift. Ya, I know crazy! There's just something about getting my hands into that dirt that rejuvenates me. Blame it on my parents.

5. Decorate my home in Spring colors. This year I've done a green, black, yellow and pink thing. Each time I enter into my great room the colors seem to brighten my day. One of my dear friends brought me some pink tulips and I love them!

6. Take a mini trip to somewhere warm. Off to St. George for a few days. I definately think this will do the trick.


Ky said...

mom your cute

Peg said...

Jann you amaze me. Hope you enjoy St. George.

Little Red Hen said...

Jann you are so funny, (I hate to admit it but I have been doing the same thing). I even got out the pruners the other day and went to town on some fruit trees, I just can't help myself! Enjoy the warm.

Anonymous said...

You need to show a little patience on furniture purchases as well