With love from me to you


Now that February has arrived Valentines Day will be here before we know it. The first things that come to mind when you think of this holiday are chocolates and bouquets of flowers. I am not a chocolate lover and I would much rather have flowers growing in my yard or pots (must admit a pretty bouquet now and then isn't too shabby), but I LOVE Valentines Day! Is it because my fourth child was born on Valentines Day? Definately a plus! He's always been a sweetheart. Is it because the dominant color is red, and I love red? That could have something to do with it. Is it because I have a sweetheart of a hubby? That certainly is nice. Is it because we always have a fun Valentines dinner? Always look forward to that. Or, is it because it's another holiday I get to decorate for? Helps to bring cheer during the cold winter months. As I thought about it, I'm sure it's a little of all of the above. So I wanted to share my Valentines decor with you with love and say "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!" from me. Hope you share it with someone you love!

p.s. I also think that knowing Spring is just around the corner is another reason why I love Valentines Day!

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Peg said...

Wow! Love is definitely in the air at the Olson's house. Love all the decorations! Love you too!