Livin My American (Pickers) Dream. . .

Last Monday my friend, Joyce called me and asked what I had planned for Fri.

She invited me to go down to Spring City, UT.  Her Aunt Pat had told her that a local artist, Joan Durfey had a barn full of treasures that she wanted to sale, and did I want to go?  Spring City is a little artsy fartsy town. You feel as though you have stepped back in time.  75 artists live there.

Are you crazy, girlfriend?  Of course, I want to go!!!

We both love anything, old, rusty, chippy; you get the jif.

There ended up being 5 of us gals.  Joyce, her sister Kathy, friend Diana, Aunt Pat, and myself.

Here we are pulling treasures out of the first barn. Yes, there was more than one.  Heavy sigh!



What goes in, hopefully comes out.  Diana and I pulling out old windows.  I found one with old tqs. paint and a cute hook on it.  Love it!

Climbing in to another room in the first barn.  Does Joyce look excited or what?


Digging and pulling out anything we thought someone might like.  The problem is we all LOVE everything.  Really, though we are pretty darn good at sharing and making sure everyone gets treasures.


Joyce decided she’d take this sweet rack for $35.  Won’t it be so cute with vintage linens, laces, tablecloths, doilies, or whatever she decides to put on it?



It folds up for easy storage.


This is the 2nd smaller barn.  The sheep seemed to be saying, “Never mind about us, just go on about your business and we’ll just keep on grazin.”


We pulled this out of the small barn.  Joyce decided to just buy the top for $50.


Look at this darling laundry table.  It’s 7 feet long.  I decided that I just had to have it for my future craft room.  Oh dear, one thing my hubby has a hard time understanding.  Buying something before you have anywhere to put it.  I keep trying to explain it to him.  “You just have to buy it when you find it, the room will come later.”  He’s gone fishin so I haven’t broke the news to him yet. And to top it off, he has to take me back to pick it up, 1 1/2 hr. drive.  Couldn’t fit it all in.


Look at the racks on each end.  Diana found a little hanging laundry basket in another room that she wanted to buy.  Joan said, “oh, that goes with the laundry table.”  Sorry Diana, but gotta have it.  Dang, forgot to snap a pic.


I just had to show you this next piece.  I posed by it when I thought I was going to buy it.  I love it so much!  The chippy paint, the color, what’s not to love?

The only problem is, I have one.  No, it’s not chippy.  I did paint it a colonial blue.  Joan, knowing how much I loved it said, “Buy it and sale your other one.”  The only problem is, the other one came from my hubby’s grandparents farm.  Couldn’t part with it.  Finally, I said, “Jann, you DO NOT need two!”  Chippy paint or not, leave it for someone else.  Can you believe we left it behind?


Now for the fun part, loading the truck.


Not too bad for us gals.  The Boy Scouts would be proud of our knots.


We really bought a lot more than I’ve mentioned.  I had a hard time snapping pics.  You know, I’d miss out on the pickin.

Here’s a bit of what I bought:  A pink Dutch door (for the future playhouse), a pillar, a unique ladder, cute containers for more plantings, and a few odds and end little items. 

Before hitting the road we stopped in at a cute little gift shop in Fairview.


Arriving home, Kathy’s hubby wasn’t too impressed.  Thought it looked like a bunch of firewood.  We did talk him into snapping a pic for us.


Do we look like the Clampetts or what?

Tired and dirty, but oh what a day!

Thanks Aunt Pat and Joyce!

Joan was so sweet and we loved her barns. I’m so mad that I didn’t get a picture of her.

I sure hope that I get to do it again someday. Note to oneself – next time bring a flashlight.

I can’t end without telling you what my hubby said when I told him I was going to get to be a real picker.

He said, “No  Jann, you are NOT a true picker unless you resale it; and we know that’s never gonna happen!”

He knows me only too well.

Here’s hoping you get a chance to go pickin!

Guess what?  My hubby got home, I broke the news to him and all he said was, “I guess I don’t need to buy you a birthday present then do I?”  He’s a keeper!

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Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh that looks like it was fun. I got to pick once years ago. It was an old farms dumping area...I still have some of the jars and crocks I found that!!

Marsha said...

Hummmm...How fun was your day?!! I wish I was there with you guys. I could get past the possible spiders and snakes knowing I was finding some good stuff. I call it..."THE LUST FOR RUST."
Happy weekend!

poppilinnstudios said...

Love this post. Great finds and you made me laugh! Husbands don't understand these things-love the part when you had to tell your husband he had to drive an hour and a half to get the table! Luckily, I only buy small items so far-old jewelry, silverware, etc. I don't even mention my findings. I'm going to a flea market tomorrow!

Whittron said...

This is awesome, I love your picking adventure... and that laundry table rocks!

Reena said...

So much fun! So jealous ... what an adventure!

Unknown said...

Looks like yall had a great time and got some really neat items. Love when the "unexpected" happens. Have an awesome Sunday, Many blessings, Tiffany

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

What a great day!!!!
treasure everywhere...Love the blog!
xoxo~kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

veryheatherly said...

Fun, fun, fun!!

Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute said...

Hey Jann, I'm so glad you stopped in to visit and left me a comment last night. You know how I love them. I've just be perussing all I've missed over here lately. My computer working at a snells pace and I barely get to post lately. I'm so sorry to hear about your Son-in-laws accident. Thank the Lord that he will recover. I know that terrified ya'll to pieces. I'll be praying for his recovery and all of you as well. I can't believe that beautiful yard of yours. I just LOVE larkspur and of course it's just too hot for it to live here in FL. I think our garden center got it in once and I did enjoy it in late winter for awhile. All that beautiful color in front of that gorgeous mountian view and your perfectly manicured lawn is dreamy.

You girls looked like ya'll had the best time. It's funny you telling your husband you were a picker, that was the first think I thought of when I saw ya'll in the barns. I thought about how many times I've watched that show and them crawling in there. You got some great treasures. Boy, I wish I lived closer if nothing else but for the ride. Love your new table!!!

Have a great day Sweetie!
OX's....Tracy :)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Wow, that is my kinda fun!! The laundry table honestly made me swoon. You gals found some fabulous stuff.

Kris said...

Oh my gosh...WHAT FUN!!!!!

Amy Chalmers said...

Oh wow! I wish I was with you, I would have fought you for the pink dutch door!! lol. Adding your blog to my sidebar so I can try and keep up. I was at a barn antique shop in New Hampshire yesterday and bought a few goodies myself. I just edited my post and added them to the bottom!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jann, did we have fun or what? Another successful shopping/pickin day with the girls!!! Kathy Watkins

Susan @ The Collected Cottage said...

I know this post is old, but I am new to your funny blog. I had to comment, I am literally laughing my keister off!! The whole picker convo happened to me w/boyfriend not too long ago...Oh I have the same heart as you girl. Keep up the fun stuff and tellin' us about it...I'm signed on as a new the sheep said...don't mind me...