A New Toy for my Sewing room.

Before I left for vacation, I found myself 'playing' in my sewing room almost every day.
I was trying to finish a quilt for the upcoming wedding of our oldest grandson.
My sewing room is my play room.  I truly feel like a kid playing in her own special playhouse!
Imagine my delight when I spied this sweet childs sewing machine at an antique mall in North Carolina!

The cute half doll pincushion was an additional fun find.

It will be happy to join the other toys in my sewing room.

(a doll size rocker holds fat quarters of Aunt Gracie fabrics)

A little crib is perfect for corralling the cut pieces for my
hexagon quilt.

 My new pink child's sewing machine fits right in with my other pint size sewers.

Oh, oh, now I have three.  That's the start of a collection. (wink)

I may not be able to wear these cute pink baby shoes or this pretty apron, but they are right at home in my sewing room.

It truly is the place where I reign queen!  :)
Or at least princess.
My 'adult' play room
I did get the quilt sewn and off to my friend, Amanda's to be quilted.
I also joined an online quilt group called the Splendid Sampler.  They post two blocks a week.  I am behind and will have some catching up to do when I get home.
But I have had a lot of fun creating the blocks.

How about you, do you have a playroom?
I will be sharing with these fun parties:


Susie said...

Jann, Oh my gosh, what sweet treasures you have in your sewing room. I love those wee machines. I know my sisters and I would have loved having those as young girls. LOL. Hope you are enjoying some great spring weather, ours has gone back to some winter stuff. It will improve though. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Kim said...

My whole home is my playroom. =) Oooooh......I am in love with your cute, cute teeny tiny sewing machine...AND....it is pink...HEAVEN!! You have so many gorgeous pretties in your sewing room. Me thinks your adult playroom is one where I would stay in the land of stitching make believe forever!

Christine said...

My whole house is my playroom.
The closet and bedroom, dress-up
Kitchen, play with food
Bathroom, play with make-up and bubble bath
Family room, play with MY toys (books, computer)
Outside, play in the dirt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jann! What an adorable little sewing machine and now you have three? Oh, I love it. I've got one and am always looking for another one. I do know how it feels to play in our special rooms! Love all of your storage pieces - the little chair and crib! So cute.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Patti said...

Ohhhh - I'm trying not to be jealous of your cute sewing machines! 3 is a collection, for sure! I have one red one that a friend bought me many years ago. I love it. I've been quilting a lot, too - with Lori Holt's patterns. It has been a very fun season for me. I love your blocks! and, have seen this quilt along. So cute!!!!

GranthamLynn said...

Sweet. I wish I had a 'real' play room. I'm glad you found it!
Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!
Have a good week.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What a sweet place to play! Love your sewing machine collection. I do have my own room to play in but I need to straighten it up a bit first!!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I love your newest sewing machine in bubble gum pink! The doll chair and crib are so cute and useful, too! I'd love to have a space to corral all my crafty supplies. I can't wait to see the quilt you finished!

Joy Junktion said...

I do have a play room, but wowsers, it doesn't have any fun toys like yours does! What a fun place to play! Love the new addition. Also, those quilt squares are so pretty! Enjoy the club time! Blessing, Cindy xo

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

No play room for me, darn it. Love all your toys. Great find on your sewing machine and pin cushion.

Love your blocks that you are working on.

Hope you had a great vacation.


Art and Sand said...

The similarities continue - I spotted some fabrics in your stash that I also have.

Deanies Stash said...

Jann, my sewing room is my playroom, too! I can't resist the tiny toy sewing machines either. I love the pink one! Your sewing room has some wonderful "toys" treasures.

xo Dianne

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Adorable!! I have some major straightening to do in my Craft room and that is just wht I paln on doing the next few days as I am off.

Sandi Magle said...

I so wanted one of those sewing machines when I was a kid, sadly they weren't in my budget. My mother finally relented and let me use her 'real' sewing machine at age 10. It was like heaven, and by 13, I was sewing all my own clothes.

Your sewing room is adorable, love the selections you have made, and I can understand a quilter having adorable bits and pieces to show off.
Thanks for the tour, Sandi

The Victorian Girl said...

Love all the stuff in your sewing room! I hope you know that those little Kay-EE SewMaster machines are addictive! I have pink, red, green and blue ones. Hmmm...I wonder what other colors they came in.

rush said...

In our old house, we had separate sewing and crafting rooms. When we moved, we decided to combine the two and use the master bedroom for both. It was quite a feat. First, I had to get rid of a lot of crafting supplies. We had already whittled down the fabric on a previous move. We had to keep one wall totally empty for a quilt wall. We have many shelving fixtures. The fabric storage is in the small walk-in closet. Of course, we do have an "overflow" space for wool, yarn, spinning wheel, etc.. We still need to figure out a space for our paper craft and sewing books and magazines. So far, everything is working out just fine.

Anne's Attic - Design said...

Hi Jann, I adore your play room! It is always so full of wonderful treasures. Have a lovely day. xx Jo

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Sadly, I don't know how to use either an adult's sewing machine or a child's sewing machine! For some reason, sewing has completely alluded me when it came to domestic talents! I envy all you folks that can sew and I wish I had that in my blood....sigh.

Tami Von Zalez said...

I DO have toys in my sewing room from Ty Beanie babies, a Guardian Angel Madame Alexander doll, a knome on a swing music box and a Tinkerbell figurine fallen over a spool of thread (all have been highlighted on one point or another on my blog). I guess because I spend a lot of time there - so good to hear another with a toy predeliction.


cynthia lee designs said...

Jann...we have something in common...I have serval toy sewing machines in my sewing room too.

Rose L said...

My "play room" is still under construction and not organized at all yet. I keep trying to figure out where to hang what, how high, and where things will go. *sigh* I need help.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your sewing room and toy sewing collection is so sweet, Jann. My "play room"is full of paper crafting supplies--lots of rubber stamps and scrapbook papers and such. I am beginning to enjoy it all again with my grandchildren, as they enjoy crafting.

Parsimonious Décor Darling said...

Love your collection, Jann!! I don't have a playroom yet, I hope to have one someday...

Winnie said...

To me this room looks like a fantasy room... It's like I'm looking at a colorful, full-of-treasures room in book
And from what I know about you (reading your posts in the last 2 years) it's soooooooooo YOU :)

Kris said...

What fun! Love all those sewing machines! I feel the same way when I am in my sewing room!!
The quilt blocks sound fun!!!! Keep me posted!!
XO Kris

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Love all of your toys, Jann! :)

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh Jann, I love me a woman that loves to play! Precious sewing machine my friend. Now that would have went home with me too!
Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Fox and Finch Antiques said...

Hi Jan,
I came over from Share Your Cup and I want to follow along with you on your adventures. I also have a strong pull toward the things you like in your sewing room. I really enjoyed the Charleston doors. I love doors! I am going to enjoy!

Jonell w Harrison said...

aha, Jann, just snooping and noticed MY 1959 Samsonite luggage in the photo beside the little sewing machine in case. I received the Pullman for my birthday and the 'train case' for graduation. They cannot be used up..you just have to sell them or put them on display as mine are.

My thrift store addiction said...

What a delightful sewing nook and such fun toys! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm--pinning to our Features & Favorites!