I'm a Big Fan of the Red, White, and Blue!

Hello my friends,
a few weeks ago I was at one of my craft group friends for our monthly hurrah.
She mentioned that she didn't like 4th of July decorations.
Hard to believe, right?  :)
But then she went on to say, "Can you imagine red, white, and blue décor in this house?"
She had a point.  Her home is very fancy and she loves purple.
Lucky for me, I'm a big fan of the red, white, and blue!
I've literally used fans to demonstrate this point.  lol!
A while ago I was tagged by an Instagram friend to share for "toolboxtuesday".  Yes, they have clever hashtag parties like that.
This took only a few minutes and it was so fun to create.  I stuck some paper fans inside the tool box, hung a pocket watch with red ribbon from the latch, and added red, white, and blue around it.

 I bought the fan kit at a damaged goods store a couple years ago.  The honeycomb balls were scored at a thrift shop.  My sis gifted me the flag holder for my birthday years ago.  I love Americana books, so of course one had to be added to the vignette.  Vintage sparklers and my 'scary' Uncle Sam complete the display.  Yup, if you look at him closely, he's a bit scary!

I had to show you my cute runner.  I love it!

And it goes so well with this quilt I made.
Some of my red, white, and blue is not necessarily 4th of July décor.  If it's red, white, and blue it's coming out. (wink)
I recently bought this bowl on my gal pal trip to St. George.  It was the red stripe that sold me on it.  The rag balls were in our last estate sale.  When they didn't sell I took it as a sign that they were meant to be mine.

I love tucking little red, white, and blue trinkets under cloches.
a little plate, a notebook, and mardi gras beads.
And in jars.
Patriotic Poker Chips.  (say that three times fast)

The sewing notions are my shout out to Betsy Ross.

This display in my cabinet made from an old window honors our Declaration of Independence.  I bought the parchments in Charleston, SC.

And who doesn't love reminiscing about child
hood days.  We spent many summers sitting at the ball fields watching our kids play. 
 I miss those days!!

Did you ever drink a soda out of a Pop Shoppe bottle?  Not sure that I did.  Sure glad these weren't tossed in the trash.

I removed the majority of my travel treasures from my memories box and added some red, white, and blue.

The button with the yellow ribbon was gifted to me when my hubby left to serve for Desert Storm.  I added the padlock because in my mind the "S" stood for summer.  The shells are what I brought home from Carmel Beach.

I love collecting Americana books.  I just found a fabulous one in CA.  I paid $3 for it and it was marked $60 in the inside cover.

This is just one page.  It's all about one man's collection of flag memorabilia, simply amazing!

More of my passion for Americana books.  A fun light up toy for the grands to play with.
I picked this gal up for $1 at a thrift shop in Sedona on my vacation.  She had a smudge of dirt on her hair, but she stole my heart!

I love flags and I love old books!
Win, Win!!
 I bought the wheel in an antique store in Napa.  It will stay out all the time, and I'm certain it will get moved around often.  tee-hee!

You know that this is not all of my red, white, and blue.  Really, it's pitiful how much I have!!
But does that stop me?  Well, you be the judge.  You might remember the Halloween and Easter houses I made.  Now 4th of July has joined the parade.

And just yesterday my daughter, Karrah gifted me with these fabulous books as an early birthday present.  Her brother in law makes them.  She also gave me a fabulous banner!
 (that's another post)
Did I need these books?  That would be a big fat, NO!!  But I never refuse a gift!

Yup, my passion for red, white, and blue is a bit crazy!
I've got to stop, but sad to admit; it may not be until I'm dead and buried.  ha, ha!
I will be sharing with these fun parties:


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Jann - what wonderful pics of those lovely red-white and blue colors. They are certainly a favorite of mine. Always makes me smile when I see them because I think of picnic on the 4th of July and parades and summer's best. Hope you are having a great week.

Louca por porcelana said...

A lot of interesting and beautiful things in your post,Jann!I really love your pretty quilt!Best wishes!

Susie said...

Jann, So many pretty things to get ideas for in our own décor. I absolutely love the pop bottles with flags. So country. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Ksunshine52 said...

Fantastic display! After the craziness of yesterday at the ball field, this is really nice to see! Patriotism !
Karen B.

happyone said...

I do like red white and blue and have a lot of it in my house too.
I don't do much decorating for holidays though.
Your house looks very festive. : )

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

love your red, white and blue. you really have some wonderful items and you are showing them so well.

I love red and as you know I have a red couch and it seems to go with most holidays LOL.

Thanks for sharing all of your red, white and blue with us.

Have a great weekend.


Salmagundi said...

I think this my favorite post of yours (and that's saying a lot!). Your red, white, and blue is fabulous, especially the quilts. Keep buying and creating, and thanks for sharing with all of us. Sally

Anonymous said...

Jann, I think the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. LOVE all the Americana decor. I will post pictures of my stuff next week. ♥

Your scary Uncle Sam is kind of cute too in a weird way. I like him though! :-)

handmade by amalia said...

Great 4th of July decorations - so many creative ideas.

Happy@Home said...

To my way of thinking red, white and blue always looks good together. Although I can see how it might not look right in every house.
Your house looks all ready for the July 4th holiday. So cute and cheerful. I like the little collections under glass and I, too, am a fan of vintage books. Just yesterday I was sorting through mine looking for patriotic ones.

Rose L said...

I was expecting this decor! LOL
I love your quilt. You are so talented at it!
Ant that quirky little flag with odd pieces--great!

Jeanie said...

You are a walking advertisement for the red, white and blue -- and I love each and every bit. Loads of color, fun and spirit. And it doesn't surprise me for a second!

organicgardendreams said...

Hi Jann, your red, white and blue collection is truly impressive. You obviously are a true collector at heart. I just wonder how you manage these huge collections of different kinds. It must be a lot of work to keep everything properly stored and maintained.
I enjoyed seeing all your interesting and unusual finds and read the stories behind them. You are certainly set for 4th of July already ;-)!
Warm regards,

My thrift store addiction said...

Thanks for sharing your fun patriotic decor at Vintage Charm! Love it all, but the bike wheel is my favorite!

Jeannie Marie said...

Loved seeing all your Red, White and blue! I'm a fan too and I love America. Your flag was very impressive! So unique! I am so glad I stopped by!!

Row. said...

hello Jann, Your patriotic décor is wonderful! What a great idea to use poker chips. I have never played but have always been fascinated with the chips for some reason lol Hope you are enjoying your day.

Sarah said...

Jann, You and I share the same passion for red, white, and blue and patriotic items. I was lucky enough to be in NYC for the 4th of July celebration in 2000. What an amazing time. One of my favorite memories was visiting the AIGA National Design Center special, Stripes & Stars Exhibition. It was an exhibit of Kit Hinrich's collection. I just happened to read an article in the NYT about the exhibit, was in the city, and stopped by to see it. Wow! You can just imagine! I had the exhibit poster framed, and it hung in our NY apartment in our tiny kitchen. I now have it hanging on the sun porch during the summer months when I have my patriotic things out. When Kit Hinrich's book was published following the exhibit, I was beyond excited to have more photos of this incredible collection, and through the years I've given it as a gift to various family members and friends. I would love to see this exhibit again, and hope that it will someday available for public viewing. I'm so happy you found a copy of the book. You need to own this one!

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