Up Close and Personal with July Blooms and Garden Party

Hello my friends,
welcome to our July Garden link Party.
My Garden is my happy place, and I love visiting others gardens as well.
Can't wait to see yours!

Strolling my garden in the morning has been a daily ritual of mine for years.
Lately, with our hotter than usual month of July it has been suffering a bit.  There doesn't seem to be much color and even my potted planters are not up to par.
But with my phone in hand, I soon realized there was still beauty to be seen if I got up close and personal to my July blooms.
Pretty pink Anemones are blooming in my shade garden.  I think that the buds are a bit magical themselves.
I planted Dahlia bulbs in May.  A welcome summer sight!

Daisies are probably my favorite summer flower.  A few years ago I planted some Gladiola bulbs that I bought at the Dollar store.  They are considered an annual here, but they have come back for 3 years now.

I love the white center in this one.
White Coneflowers

My Hibiscus bloomed for the first time yesterday.  Two blooms so far, but many more to come.

I sprinkled small Zinnia seeds along my front garden beds.  They are just starting to bloom.

Before I pull them out for winter, I snip heads off of both Zinnias and Marigolds and toss them in a bucket.  By Spring they are dried and ready to be planted.  These Marigolds are along my bed of pumpkins and peppers.  They are a great bug deterrent.

Sunflower seeds dropped by the birds bring a bit of sunshine to the garden.
The blooms on the Rose of Sharon dry out quickly in this heat, but still; if you look you can find pretty ones.

I have had gorgeous Hollyhocks in years past.  This year they look quite sickly.  A closer look showed me a pretty bloom.

 The Yarrow certainly doesn't mind the heat.

Of course, a plant with the name of Crocosmia Lucifer will not shy away from the heat either.  :)

The rose garden looks pretty bare, but a couple of roses decided to bloom a second time.

Yup, my garden may not be as pretty and colorful as it was a month ago, but if you get up close and personal, there is beauty to be found!

Be sure to hop over and see what the other hosts have to share!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your garden is filled with beautiful blooms!

Stacey said...

Jann, I think your Utah climate and soil must be just right for beautiful gardens!

How are you feeling? I know you've had a rough time lately.

Gingham Gardens said...

Jann - from what I just saw, I think your gardens are looking beautiful! I'm not sure which is my favorite, but I think it's the pink glads with the daisies behind them. All so lovely! I sure hope you're feeling better. Happy gardening!

Connie said...

Jann, your garden is breathtaking. So many beautiful blooms. There's nothing much better than touring summer gardens . . . I loved my visit :)

Art and Sand said...

I have a bit of flower envy - so many different beautiful blooms.

phillipsplacereno said...

Hello Jann! This my first time visiting your blog and I enjoyed looking at your pictures of your garden. Your dahlia's are beautiful! I would like to add coneflowers to my garden, maybe next year. Such a neat idea snipping the heads of your marigold's and zinnias! Why haven't I thought about that! Lol!

Sandra at Maison De Jardin said...

Jann, this is my first visit to your blog and your garden is gorgeous. I am especially fond of the pink Anemones. I so love the soft pastel pink and their buds remind me of poppies. Your yarrow brings back my Virginia gardening days when grew a huge amount of it and dried it for wreaths and to just hang in the kitchen.

You have many pretty things remaining as we begin to wind down summer. Have a lovely weekend and if you have a chance come visit me.

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Jann, you have such beautiful flowers in your garden. Love your choices.

Cindy@CountyRoad407 said...

I learned some new plant names on the tour today - Thanks! Everything looks great despite the heat. So happy looking! Great job.

Jeanie said...

I so admire all these amazing gardens. Yours is splendid.

Susie said...

Jann, I love all the pretty colors. of your flowers. !!! Really is looking beautiful in your yard. Blessings for a fun filled weekend there. xoxo, Susie

Sue said...

Your flowers are so lovely, Jann, Like you I love to garden and like you we have had a extremely hot humid summer. If it wasn't for irrigation my plants might not have survived. Thank you for sharing.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for hosting this lovely garden party!!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

You captured some beautiful shots. I think there’s always some beauty in the garden if we look for it! I only had my Lucifer plant for a couple of years but the voles ate them up along with a bunch of my asiatic lilies. Still waiting for my Rose of Sharon- it always takes forever to leaf out and bloom but it’s pretty once it does! I don’t have a good spot for hollyhocks but I always enjoy seeing them. I saw a bunch of gladiolus for sale that were potted up in planters and a light went off in my head. I plan to try that next year. They make such pretty cut flowers but again I don’t have a good spot to grow them so a planter can do the trick!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Just look at all that beauty in your garden, Jann! It must do your heart and soul good to stop and capture all those prettty photos. Thanks for hosting!

Louca por porcelana said...

Just adorable,Jann!!!Thanks for hosting this stunning garden party!Hugs.

Rita C at Panoply said...

I just love your garden, Jann! You inspire me!

happyone said...

Great collection of beautiful blooms from your garden.

Kristin White Arrows Home said...

Thank you for hosting! All these gardens are so amazing! ~ Kristin www.whitearrowshome.com

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I like this up close and personal perspective! It is the only way my garden looks good. You have zoomed in on some really pretty flowers and left the rest to our imagination! The blooms here are half baked (literally!) and very small. I have not done a garden post at all this year because it is all so pitiful. I have started to rip out my middle garden and start over. I want some blooming plants!!

csuhpat1 said...

Thanks for hosting and I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.

Powell River Books said...

You have lots of beautiful flowers in your garden. I save my marigold seeds and scatter them liberally throughout my raised beds to add colour, but mostly to act as pest deterrents. It takes them a long time to bloom so I start the season with a few starter packs in key areas. Thanks for hosting again this month. - Margy

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

This Rocky Mountain air, soil and climate just makes for the best of blooms. I love them all and those Dahlias...love them extra much!
Hope you are doing well and enjoying your vacation.