Pioneer Day Buffet

Hello my friends,
here in Utah we celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24th.
That's the day back in 1847 that our Pioneer ancestors entered the Salt Lake Valley.  They traveled here by covered wagons and pulling hand carts in search of religious freedom.

The prophet, Brigham Young declared, "This is the Place"

Each year I like to honor my pioneer ancestors by displaying some of my vintage items.
I've set our table as a Pioneer Day buffet.  I truly doubt that they had enough food to actually set up a buffet.  They were probably lucky to have a bowl of broth and a crust of bread.
The stack of ironstone was a thrift store find about five years ago.  I purchased an entire boxful for $20.  Only one dinner plate, but still a great bargain.

I can never pass up a pair of covered wagon S&P shakers.  They were another thrift find.

I'm sure they were much more fussy and had to have their silverware polished.  I prefer mine tarnished!  (wink)

Both of these vintage bowls and mallet were found at Aunt Bunnies estate.  I picked up the little cookbook in Idaho.

I pulled the top bowl out a little so you could see the cute stripe.

Utah is called, "the beehive state", so I added this pair of shakers to the back side of the table.  My friend, Joanne found them for me at an estate sale.
I have a collection of 7 honey pots.  I used this one because it says Utah, The Beehive State.

I found the sweet little hurricane lamps in Colorado.  It was the color that caught my eye, of course.
I placed them on top of two old books.  I removed them to show this treasure.  Another score from Aunt Bunnies.
Have you noticed my hexagon runner?  I made it a few years ago.  It's one of my favorites!  I used Aunt Gracie fabrics which are reproductions form the 30's.
After a year and a half, we are all through with Aunt Bunnies estate, and the home is empty and ready for sale.
My final find was this butter churn.  I have had one on my want list for some time.

I tucked a few ancestral photos inside.  This is My maternal grandmother Emma Zina Freestone Beers.

This is her husband, my grandfather, Warren Beers.
These are my hubbies grandparents. Tula and Carl Olson.  Don't you love the hankie in her hands?  She had a gorgeous garden, even in her 80's.  Notice the Lilacs and picket fence in the background?

Extra ironstone and silverware are nestled into my aqua wicker baby scale for back up.  All of this, except the two pitchers; which are also thrift finds, were included in that $20 box.
I just bought this unique strainer at an estate sale.  Loved the color!
An unfinished quilt block was tucked into the sugar bowl.


Not sure what we will be doing to celebrate Pioneer Day this year, but I've got my aqua Pyrex cookware and apron handy.

Happy summer to you my friends,
I hope your are enjoying it!


Rita C at Panoply said...

Love all the ways you're showing your celebration of Pioneer Days, Jann. When we took our cross country trip in 2016, we climbed the path to the top of Ensign Park in SLC where Brigham Young made his claim to the area. It was a beautiful sight!

NanaDiana said...

What fun, Jann. I love all the history here. We had a butter churn like that when I was a kid that we actually used on the farm. I bet the cover was originally green or red-ours was green- my auntie's was red.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

Cindy Lou said...

Fabulous !! Love the story and photos !!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a fun post! My Mom has a butter churn like that and it belonged to my her Dad! I love all the little Pioneer touches!

happyone said...

Like your covered wagon S & P shakers!
The runner you made is very nice - great job.

Louca por porcelana said...

How charming!The covered wagon shakers caught my eye!Hugs,Jann!

Sue said...

How lovely, such a beautiful collection of vintage ware to display for Pioneer Day celebrations!

Rose L said...

I LOVE the turquoise Pyrex!!! July 24th is my birthday! I will be 66 but going on 26!!! Going to the coast for a few days to get away from the heat Oregon has been having!

Jeanie said...

Your china was a fabulous find but what I loved most of all was the way you used the photos of your grandparents. That is so special and they look wonderful.

Jennifer Wise said...

I can't even tell you how much I love this. As you know from my blog, family and family stories and family history are something I'm very passionate about. I love that you display your heritage this way! How neat. (And how fun to find out that you're in Utah and a pioneer descendant! Me, too! Well, I grew up in Utah, anyway, even though I haven't lived there since college. I had ancestors in the first handcart company, and lots more who came over the next several years, including a few buried along the way.) I adore the covered wagon salt and pepper shakers!! What a great way to celebrate Pioneer Day!

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