Junk Gardening

I am so excited to be joining 13 other vintage loving bloggers for this Vintage Gardens Blog Hop!
A big thanks to my sweet friend, Amber from
Follow the Yellow Brick Home for putting this together for us!

If you are hopping over from Shannons from Belle Bleu Interiors I know that you have already enjoyed lots of garden eye candy!

There is no place I would rather be than in my garden.  Unless of course, it's in a thrift or antique shop searching for vintage junk.  :)
This post contains my love for both.
Not only how to use found treasures as planters, but also how to incorporate junk into your garden without overdoing it.
Something as simple as an old birdcage tucked in amongst flowers adds interest and draws you in.  Last year I had a fairy garden in it.  This year it filled up with a sedum ground cover and I just
 left it as is.
My newest found treasures are my bee boxes.  I planted them with sedums and succulents and placed a thrift find metal beehive on top. You can see that my Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea next to it is just starting to bloom.
Just to the right of the bee boxes is an old metal basket hanging from an Elm tree.  I lined it with moss and planted Impatiens, Creeping Charlie, and fern.  I'm not sure what it was used for.  It has large hooks on the bottom of both sides and smaller ones in the middle.  My mind has gone from thinking laundry, to mining, to whatever.  :)
An old windmill placed in the vegetable garden is a great place to grow Hyacinth beans.  The birds are loving the pretty orange blooms.

One thing that is so fun about junk container gardening is that it can be moved around.  This old breadbox sat next to a wicker chair under our pergola.
After purchasing this red pump at a barn sale, it found a new home.  An old gate sits to the left of it.  I cut the spent Salvia to the ground a couple weeks ago.  It's coming back and blooming again.

I hang a watering can from this hook all season.  The view changes often, depending on what's blooming.  Right now, it's the Hot Wings Maple that is the star of the show.  Phlox will be
 blooming next.
Junk mushrooms are nestled in amongst the creeping thyme.  It will be blooming soon as well.  Plumbango is just budding out.
I've had this garden canvas for years.  It was all faded, so I repainted it a couple years ago.  I'm hoping to create and add more mushrooms.

Junk gardening does not need to jump out at you.  A simple iron gate will draw your attention beyond the pretty Anemones.

I love surprises in the garden.  Like this Morning Glory that just happened to seed and grow up one of my old mowers.  It is just starting to bloom.
A vine growing on a ladder has also traveled over to another push mower.  I have 3.  I can never pass up a cute one.  :)

I love using old iron planters.  They are usually full of much more color.  Things are struggling a bit in this heat.
A simple Holly hock is blooming in front of an old birdhouse perched on a shovel.  It was a gift from one of my sisters, years ago.

I have twin tub planters up on the hill by Hilltop Cottage.  I bought a couple of hanging baskets to go inside of them.  They were so root bound that I replanted them right into the tubs.  Some of the plants didn't make it, so I've sprinkled Marigold seeds into the bare spots.  They've come up and will be blooming for fall.

This old scale hangs next to the twin tubs.  It was a gift from our middle daughter and her hubby.  Love it!

 The bottom is rotted out of this old pink urn.  One year I lined it with burlap.  This year I just stuck a Geranium in it.  I made the mosaic shovel with one of my sisters and a friend out of broken dishes.  It was such a fun and easy project.

 I loved it so much that later I decided to do the same thing to one of my birdhouses in the garden, as well as a small dresser inside of hilltop cottage.  Don't toss those broken dishes.  (wink)
An old milk crate sitting on a wooden dolly adds interest to a shade garden on the East side of our home.

There's also an iron footboard and a gazing ball sitting on a pedestal.

A month ago the garden was bursting with color.  Now it's in transition mode.  Bits of color here and there, but when it cools down a little it will be more colorful.
I've shared my plate flowers before, but had to include them in this post.

I use junk in my garden until it rots away.  I had two of these wooden whiskey barrels for years.  One eventually fell apart, but I brought this one from my previous home.  It's been out in the elements over 20 years and still going strong.  

More garden junk that elevates the eye.
Hubby mounted a birdhouse I brought home from a yard sale onto an old pillar I had in the garage.

This area is where I use to have my potting bench.  Now it's up behind Hilltop cottage.  It was filled with feverfew, but I just pulled it out because it was spent.

Up on the deck I have a few vintage items.  This is an old metal bucket.  It has handles and great patina, but it's hard to see once the flowers spill over the edges.
This planter is made from an old bus seat.  I bought it from a flea market.  I just loved the chippy paint. I'm always picking up old shovels.  I have them here and there throughout the garden.  I just bought the tall galvanized can at the barn sale where I got the pump.  He said he thought it had something to do with milk.  I thought it was unique and of course, I love the color on the spout! I just pinched back the pansy in my gnome bucket.
It's been so very hot here.  Luckily this begonia in an old chicken feeder has found some reprieve in the shade.
I hope you enjoyed my Junk Gardening.
that you are staying cool!
Next up is Michelle at the The Painted Hinge.  She will delight you with her vintage farmhouse garden style!
Have fun visiting all of the inspiring vintage garden posts.

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My thrift store addiction said...

Jann, you've got junk gardening down to a science! I adore your whimsical garden and your new bee boxes are fabulous! Happy to be joining the tour with you! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Jann I am half asleep but you already had me laughing...there's no place I would rather be either than in my garden...unless it's a thrift shop...cracked me up!!!!

There is so much beauty and fun vintage eye candy here, I will be back later to take in all the details when my eyes aren't crossing. Thanks for joining the hop!

Michelle @ The Painted Hinge said...

Jann, your vintage garden is amazing! You really have a knack for incorporating your vintage finds into your garden. And I simply adore the beehive! So much great inspiration here! Happy to be on the hop with you!

Stacey said...

Jann, so many times I've had a "little something" in my hands that could be incorporated in a creative way but I didn't do it. You girls are all showing me the error in my ways! Out in my garage stash, there's an old toolbox, a pulley or two, a grain scoop and more. Now I need to get busy and make them look beautiful the way you have!

Those bee boxes are amazing!

21 Wits said...

This was fun! Best kind of gardening ever!

Bonnie said...

Jann, I need your creativity in my garden. What a delightful stroll through your garden this morning and seeing treasures through your minds eye as darling yard art.
So many cute and creative ideas my head is spinning.
Stay cool in this heat.

Louca por porcelana said...

Your garden is inspiring!Hugs,Jann!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jann what a treasure your garden is!! Junk is like little hidden gems in among the plants and flowers. Fun and Fabulous!

Decor To Adore said...

Your garden truly delights my heart Jann! I adore the vintage watering can and bread box. I'll now be keeping my eyes peeled at estate sales. Thank you for putting some green happy in my heart.

Cindy@CountyRoad407 said...

Wowza, your garden is phenomenal. I have so many cute ideas running around in my head. And have the urge to do some vintage hunting! Love everything about it. So cute!

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Love your junk garden. Your flowers and plants are so beautiful and healthy!

Shannon @ Belle Bleu Interiors said...

Jann, everything looks so pretty! You are so creative, and you have given me some wonderful ideas for container gardening! I especially love the vintage bee boxes! It has been so much fun to be on this tour with you! I hope that you have a wonderful week!!!

Angelina at Petite Haus said...

Jealous of your green thumb! Your garden is so beautiful!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Okay, Jann, I nominate you Queen of junk gardening! Seriously, you have some fantastic finds out there! From the basket that doe, indee, appear to be a miner's basket, to the great scale you were gifted, to your mosaic birdhouse and shovel, and all things in between...just fabulous. My problem in finding all the cool stuff is not wanting it to rust outside, so tend to go with stone mostly.
We share a lot of the same plantings. I planted hyacinth bean vines this year (first time), and the flowers are just now budding. I was beginning to think they were sterile, but I did plant them late.
I love your garden, always have, and feel the same sentiment as you about being out in it (unless thrifting or otherwise vintage shopping!). Thanks for the great tour.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I love your junk in the garden! Your mosaic shovel and birdhouse are just so cute. I decorate the same way in my garden and find lots of goodies at yard sales. I haven't done it yet but I have been collecting old headboards and crib headboards to make a fence. I also have an old wire/metal box spring that I want in my garden so clematis can grow up and through it. Gotta call my handy man!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

I love all your vintage touches in your gorgeous garden, Jann!! I am always on the lookout at yard sales for cool finds to add to mine, you inspire me!

Lora Bloomquist said...

That bus seat planter in aqua is awesome! How fun! I also love your push mowers with clematis climbing up them. You have a wonderful collection of vintage junk in your garden, Jann. So fun to see it all! Thanks for the tour. Fun hopping with you again!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh how I'd love to visit your garden Jann, I love the vintage rustic look as well, and several of your ideas sparked a thought for me as well. I have a broken pedestal that I could use to put a mirror ball on, never thought of that! And I too love the rusted look. I found some old fish tackle boxes that I have succulents growing in. I've come to really love succulents, they just keep living and growing in the worst conditions and survive anyway. They even survive our cold winters, so I've been turning away from annuals more, and buying succulents instead. Just love what I saw today, have a blessed and wonderful day :)

Gina said...

Hello Jann! I do not see any junk in your garden. I LOVE all your vignette treasures. So lovely!

I've been on a blogging sabbatical for a few months but now I'm back. I'm your newest follower. :-)

Sue said...

Absolutely stunning, Jann, I could really use you around my gardens, and like you I do enjoy gardening! Thank you for sharing your treasures.

Jeanie said...

I hope you are some local walk-through garden tour because everyone should see your creative space and how beautifully you mix the blooms with the vintage. It really is a gem in every way.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

You are so creative in your garden, Jann, and I love seeing how you re-use, and re-purpose your treasured finds. Those plate flowers are something I'd like to make, and the mushrooms are so cute. Thanks for sharing your magic with us.

CC said...

love ALL your mosaics and your plate flowers! thanks for the tour!

carol@The Red Painted Cottage said...

I love so many of your whimsical finds you've used in your garden. Thanks for the tour!

Kristin White Arrows Home said...

I don't even think I can choose a favorite part of your tour! It is all so beautiful! I love how you used the broken dishes on the shovel and bird house!! Your vines growing up the old mower is fabulous and those bee boxes!!! It's all so wonderful!! Love touring with you!

cloches and lavender said...

Hi Jann, playing major catch up. Your garden is filled with treasures. You have a whimsical look and a green thumb.

Apologies for being far behind



My goodness dear friend, you have such an amazing and gorgeous garden; this is what I miss from living in an apartment, although our condo has a lovely garden, but it's not the same.
I came specially to see it. Congrats.
I'm so sorry I didn't have a backlink to your party. I've been having a hard time with my computer, thus everything else. One minute I looked and all my parties links had been erased from my post! The ones there are from later. I still don't know what happened as it had never occured to me before. I'll do it now and see, just the same.
Thank you for your wish to feature me, I so appreciate it as if you had.

Art and Sand said...

I had to laugh at your term "junk gardening". That's what I have all over my garden.

I hope you can keep up with your garden in the heat - I'm really struggling.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

So many lovely vintage features in your lovely garden!! Thanks so much for sharing all of your garden beauty with us!! Thanks to for taking the time to stop by!!

Rose L said...

It is all so charming. Love the plate flowers!

Louca por porcelana said...

Hi Jann!I miss you...God bless you.Hugs,Maristella.