Quilt Retreat. . . Day 3

Again, we woke up to treasures by our machines.

I only took a group pic, but it’s the cute paper covered clipboard.  I love the paisley!  Everyone’s was just a bit different.  It will be handy to clip whatever pattern I am working on at the time.  Hopefully, it will keep me from saying, “where did I sit my pattern?”  Have you ever done that? Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one with this problem.


Finally, we actually saw the sun shining!  It had been so long I almost forgot what it looked like.

Because of this, we got to adventure outdoors.  Look at Dolly’s fun patio.


I love the red day bed and her cute yellow door!


Sweet table with plenty of books and magazines to enjoy.


A view of the entire seating area. . .so inviting!


I’m sure her mannequin enjoys such a warm place to hang out.  That is when she’s not shopping. Ha-ha!

In the afternoon we enjoyed show and tell.  Guess who forgot to grab theirs?  Yup, that would be me.  Remembered the morning before we left.  Didn’t grab them quite yet and then the ole memory failed me.

Chris showed a couple of quilts in the making.  The first one is the kit they gave us.  It still needs four more appliqued stars.  One in each corner.


She worked on this fun plaid rail.


She had done hand embroidery on a bunch of blocks and now she is designing them into a quilt for her bed.  It is going to be so cute!  Can’t wait to see it finished.


My sister, Jeanne shared these:

She just picked this one up from the quilters.  I have this same kit but haven’t made it yet.  Love the colors!


This rail was a mystery quilt from a shop in Payson, Ut.  At first you see the fabric, but don’t know what the pattern will be like.


She is hiding behind this Americana one.  It’s so fine that I think she should be posing proud by it.  She appliqued the stars, sunflowers, and house with flag.  The stitchery in the middle is the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’.


Diana just finished making this quilt from leftover fabrics.  The pattern is called ‘leftovers’, wonder why?

117 - Copy

I wanted to show you the cute bags she makes to hold her projects.  They have a drawstring and a cute pocket where she places a card with the name of the quilt she’s working on.  Very cute, I want to make a few of these.

118 - Copy

Zoom in to see her cute pockets better.  That’s a whole lot of ‘cutes’, but then who’s counting?

121 - Copy

I still have more show and tell to feature.  I decided that this post is going to be way too long. So I am going to break it up and blog the rest at a later date.

It might be a few days, because tomorrow is Memorial Day and I would like to do a tribute post.

I hope you are getting a glimpse of the fun time I had. Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend!

I almost forgot to leave you with another yummy recipe.

                          Puffed Rice Cookies

3/4 C. Butter

16 oz. marshmallows

1 pkg. (6 0z.) puffed rice

1 pkg. choc. or peanut butter chips

Melt butter and marshmallows, add puffed rice.  Spread on a large cookie sheet. (lined with wax paper or saran wrap.  This is just to help you roll it up.  Spread melted chocolate or p.b. on top and roll up the long way.  Refrigerate and slice.

I liked the peanut butter ones the best.  But then I’m not a chocolate lover.

Very tasty!

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Peg said...

So much fun! All the quilts are beautiful,truly works of art. love,love,love them! Love Dolly's adorable patio too. Jann, you really hang with a very talented group of ladies.