April Showers bring May Flowers

May is my favorite time of year.  I am always so excited for the beautiful flowers that come as a result of our April showers.

Most of us have a favorite color combination that we like to use in our garden.

When I plant my annuals, I love purple, yellow, and red.  But for Spring blooms, pink, purple, and yellow are my favorites.

Come stroll the garden with me. . .


My trailing plants, Aubretia, Phlox, and Basket of Gold are getting large enough that they hang over the rock wall.


I love the variegated shades of this purple Aubretia.  These are planted on the wall of my daylight basement.  I can enjoy the blooms from inside too.



Sea Thrift and Periwinkle.


My concrete angel sits at the edge of a cluster of Silver Dollar plants.  I have more of them sprinkled throughout the garden for a splash of color.



This large mound of Phlox is in the front garden. I have spread mulch there and the ground is so much prettier. We need to get more mulch for the back yard.


My Lavender Twisted Redbud is one of my favorite ornamental trees  My Flowering Almond bushes are just beginning to bloom.


close up of the sweet Redbud blossoms.



I went away to a friends cabin last weekend.  Before I left my Weeping Crabapple was full of buds.  The blooms were just starting to open.

When I returned home she was starting to put on a show.


Springtime rain is such a blessing.  Oh what beauty it brings!



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Bernideen said...

All of it - WONDERFUL! I love those flowering almond!

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous Jann!!!!!!!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

We tore everything out of our back yard and are starting from scratch. How I look forward to having an established landscape like yours. Simply beautiful!

Salmagundi said...

So pretty! We got a hard freeze a couple of weeks ago, and the spring stuff is just not doing its thing this year. So I doubly enjoyed yours. Sally

Grammy Goodwill said...

Everything looks so beautiful. I wish I were better with plants and green things.

Unknown said...

Hi Jann. I love your flowers! I just love Spring too! I recently started following your blog and am enjoying it. Stop by and see me sometime at livinglaughingandloving-sarah.blogspot.com

Debra at HOMESPUN: http://www.thehomespun.com said...

My GOODNESS you have alot of beauty going on there, Jann! A profusion of blooms ! love it! :)

Linda W. said...

You have a beautiful yard. Thanks for sharing photos.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I was all set to take some outdoor pictures today but it is raining. Why I didn't yesterday when it was perfect weather eludes me. Dang.

Your blossoms are GORGEOUS - so beautiful, thank you for sharing.

I love May too - finally warm but not too hot - usually. Memorial Day the last several years has been ungodly hot - I walk in a parade and can barely take the heat.


Winnie said...

Ohhh I love purple and these are gorgeous !
You have such a lovely garden Jann.
Thank you so much for sharing these photos

Unknown said...

What gorgeous flowers-they certainly do make up for the long non-spring.
Have a great week.

Pamela Gordon said...

Gorgeous colour in your gardens Jann. It looks beautiful. Enjoy!

The Chimney Pot said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love this time of year when the garden stars to come back to life (and so do we!!) The blossom are my favourite xx

Nancy said...

What gorgeous plants!!! We are on our 3rd or maybe 5th year, who's counting anymore lol, with very little rainfall. It seems to be a losing battle. So I am truly enjoying the pictures you have taken.

Diane said...

Oh, your flowers are so beautiful, Jann!! I love seeing all of the purple - thanks for sharing this.

The Farmers Daughter said...

I just have one question--where do you find time to do all this--and blog--and decorate--and craft--and on and on! You're an inspiration, Jann! Love your flowers, too!

Kris said...

So pretty!!
xo Kris

Cindy Rippe said...

Very pretty! I think you are a little ahead of us. I still have tulips this year but the rest are ready to open! Thanks for the sneak peek of what we'll have blooming soon.

Florals, Family and Faith

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers. Late Spring here and much was lost due to unexpected cold temps and hard rain.
Hope you are having a great week.

Sarah said...

How beautiful! I love the way the blooms are spilling over the rocks. Happy that you are enjoying spring rains. We need some here! '-)

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

We are so far behind this year. No leaves on the trees yet or green grass. I love the aubretia. I planted them from seed and had them for several years before they died out. Your plants look so good growing over and between the rocks.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Here it is going to be May showers bring June flowers..stop raining! and being cold! your flowers are beautiful, spring is such a time of beautiful renewal!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Beautiful flowers-Jann! Spring has Sprung!
Sweet Hugs!

Maureen Wyatt said...

You have a great eye for garden design. Care to pop over here and give me some ideas? You are much further ahead than our weather allows so I have all that colour to look forward to!

pembrokeshire lass said...

Oh Jann, I just love the colours and the huge clumps of flowers. That's what I always hope my garden might look like!! Joan

priscilla said...

Beautiful flowers and photos !

Cynthia said...

Jann, these pictures are gorgeous. The color and beauty is unreal, love the phlox.


La Tea Dah said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love the colorful blossoms!

Gracious Hospitality

Irene Helms Designs said...

What a gorgeous garden. I am very envious!


Kadee Willow said...

My jaw is dropped from gazing at all these beauties! And that rock garden where some of them are nestled in! Your love for flowers sure does show and I am completely impressed!!

Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

Beautiful! I love this time of year as well, as flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Your garden is beautiful. My mother, who's reading your blog with me, loves your crabapple flowers!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Truly beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by!


stefanie said...

your garden is soooo beautiful!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I will not covet my blog friend's flowers...I will not covet my blog friend's flowers...I will not covet my blog friend's flowers....

Okay. I think I'm going to be alright now.

I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for visiting me and commenting. I know you value comments just as much as I do.

I adore Petunias because I can grow them! They're about the only thing I can grow. ~smile~ My son gave me a big overflowing basket of purple petunias as an early Mother's Day gift.

Blessings to you!
Harvest Lane Cottage

Doll in the Looking Glass said...


Love all of your purple color blooms. It is such a joy to see color in the yard rather than the winter landscape.


Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

Oh my goodness, such beauty! Can you believe the trees on our street finally sprouted some leaves in the last couple of days? Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers!


Babs said...

Your garden looks amazing. Love the trailing plants over the rock wall. I've heard of silver dollar plants, but never see them here. Really pretty. Thanks so much for hosting a great party.

betty-NZ said...

Such lovely colors! I could spend some time there just relaxing.

Anne Payne said...

A glorious riot of colors! Love them all :)

Mindy said...

Such pretty pictures! Spring is definitely my favorite time of year in the garden.

Jean Campbell said...

Lovely, your Garden. The colors remind me of the Danish and Swedish gardens I like to visit on their blogs.

Rose L said...

I love the Aubretia!!!

Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

HI Jann!
Your springtime blooms are looking fabulous! We are a ways away from blooms like these but we on a roll so it won't be long! I love how you have some of the flowers planted with the rocks..what a great affect! Happy Spring Jann!

Larry said...

Lovely blooms and I really like the rock wall... I'm also partial to weping crabs, with 'Louisa' being my favorite! Larry

Janice Kay Schaub said...

following, I love your rock garden. The basket of gold is really lovely

Katherines Corner said...

absolutely gorgeous!!! My favorite color too. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

Kathy said...

Gorgeous spring blossoms - love the combination of flowering plants. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,