Treasures and Trinkets Tuesday #8 Anthropomorphic-Big Name, Little Treasures

Hello my friends,
it's been a while since I've shared a Treasures and Trinkets post.
Lately I have been seeing a lot of Anthropomorphic cuties on Instagram.
I have a few and thought I would share them with you.

There are lots of anthropomorphic Valentines, but I only
 own a couple.
Oh now, wait a minute.  Are you wondering what in the heck does that big word mean?  Until about a year ago, I had never heard of it.

    1. the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

    See those cute faces on those juicy apples?  Yup, human like.
    Although, not so much detail on this face, but still considered to be an anthropomorphic Valentine.

    Many of the things that fall in to this category are S&P shakers.  Although I have over 30 sets, I only have one that is anthropomorphic.
    These sweet birds are a reproduction, not vintage; but I love them.
    This photo was shared by an Instagram friend lately.
    I looked around my home and found that I had more than I realized.
    How about a cute kitty teapot?

    These sweet birds hang in our playhouse under the stairs.  There should be two babes.  One is missing.  One of the grands probably took it down.  I'm sure it'll show up eventually.  :)

    I bought this cutie off of vintage yard sale Utah about a year ago.

    This little chick is so time worn, but when we found boxes of cookie jars at the estate I helped with I couldn't resist that face!

    Now this is when it gets a bit fuzzy for me.  Would these little teapot girls, made to hold your teabag be considered anthropomorphic?  Even though they have an entire face, I believe they would be.  What do you think?
    Well, that's about it for me.
    Here's a couple more examples from Instagram.

    So tell me, did you learn a new word today; and do you own anything anthropomorphic?


    Katie Mansfield said...

    It's all darling and those valentines are perfect. Yes, I did learn a new word.

    Salmagundi said...

    Yes, I learned a new word. Now, I need to search the house for some examples. Surely I have at least one. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

    Such a sweet collection and it is amazing the similarities in style. xoxo Su

    Jeanie said...

    You ARE in the valentine spirit! These are adorable. I'm all for anthromorphism! Life is good when apples dance and cats wear hats! I love your collection!

    Thelma said...

    Thanks for teaching me a new word Jann. I have to look around to see if I have any.
    You have a nice collection.

    Sandi Magle said...

    I had to laugh at these. I call it 'making it Disney', singing teapots and walking cobs of corn of course are normal in the 'Disney' world. Very cute post!

    AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

    I am familiar with it since I have sold some pieces in my Etsy shop. Of course I had to identify what they were and that is when I learned that big word! Whenever I see them thrifting now I grab them. Your collection is just sweet. I have seen the kitty teapot out but cannot afford to buy it and resell!

    Sarah said...

    All so cute! They do make one smile. Yes, I'm familiar with this term.

    Melissa said...

    SO CUTE!

    Creations By Cindy said...

    Awe Jann, I love all of your little cuties and what an adorable collection you have going there. Hugs and blessing, Cindy

    Curtains in My Tree said...

    Yes I learned a new word today reading your post. I have seen these items for years however knew they actually had a name
    They are always cute

    Anonymous said...

    that is a new word for me. it seems like there is another grammatical word that means the same thing but I can't remember it. all these are so stinkin' cute!! I'm going to look around now to see if I have any. Pamela