Home Tour–part three

Well, hope you have enjoyed the tour so far!

Today we are going to Jill’s home. She is a friend of mine that I met when they divided our ward and we became the Highland 18th. One of the great things that came into my life because of it.


I went all “LADY GA-GA” over her mitten garland. Don’t you just love it?


This Santa pillow tells it like it is!


She decorates the top or her kitchen cupboards with Snowmen, as do I. Hmmm, wonder if she sleeps with them also?


Her entire home brought us such JOY!

Sweet Amanda’s home is a treasure trove of antiques. It’s as though you have stepped back in time. How fun is that?


Her tree was garnished with strands of beads and all sorts of Victorian beauties!


I loved this rustic star!


This poinsettia pillow definitely has an old fashioned flare.


Cute felted bell wreaths adorned her chairs.


She collects crocks and this one is all dressed up for the holidays.


It was all just darling, but this has to be my favorite item of hers. Vintage bowls filled with GINGERBREAD men and CANDY CANES!


I know that this just has to be Rudy and Trudy’s long lost brother. Not sure what I’m talking about? Ask Peggy La Cognata, I’m sure she’d be happy to tell you!

Two more homes left, and plenty more to enjoy! I know it’s getting close to Christmas. I know that you’re awfully busy. However, I KNOW that you won’t want to miss these!

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Peg said...

Yes, for sure they have got to be related, I may have to check into Rudy and Trudy's lineage to verify it, but it looks like that may be possible. I love all these houses and it is so fun to see all the photos you took on the tour. Thanks for sharing them with us.