Every year I try to get together with my daughters, grand daughters, and daughter-in-law for some Christmas baking. This year the men even joined in, what fun that was! They were a big help, although, the grand daughters, not so much. Which really was fine.

It’s such a fun tradition that I would not trade for anything!


Nuts, chopping nuts for one of my favorites- English Toffee!


Lonnie, Tracy, and Paityn were the first to start digging in. Here they are rolling chocolate melt-aways into vanilla wafers. This is a recipe I got from my mother-in-law and it just happens to be Lonnie’s favorite.


Paityn was eager to help until her cousins arrived. Then it was off to having fun playing together. Who could blame her?


Nichole is making chow mein noodle clusters. Kylee and Dustin returned from snow shoeing eager to help. Isn’t it funny how they all start with one of their favorites. Could it be so that they can be the first to sample the finished product?


Sam was pretty busy keeping her eye on little “Jack Attack”. Actually, he was really good, but we just love calling him that. He only broke one glass ornament and that was my fault because I forgot to put them away.


Grandpa and the grand daughters took over on Jack duty so Dalan and Sam got busy making Chex mix.


Oh how those goodies make us smile! Karrah seems to be just tickled to death with all of them.


LOVE, LOVE toffee. Buy the end of the day we had accomplished making 10 items. Then comes the fun! Everyone grabs a container and loads up to take home and ENJOY! What would Christmas be like without family TRADITION? I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Ky said...

I Love this tradition sooo much! My treats are already almost gone, tooo goood!

McFadden said...

Makes me soooooooooooooo hungary just looking at it all. Which to me equals lbs.

Peg said...

Yum! and so much fun to have the whole family help. Isn't it a tradition to gain weight at Christmas time too? Just saying ya gotta keep the traditions going. They are what Christmas memories are made of.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely the best mother in law a person could ask for! I'm really glad I married into a family with such love and traditions! Thanks for being so great...