My Peeps & More Peeks!

This time of year many of you are loving your Peeps.


Well, I’ve never cared for these Peeps, but I want to tell you about ‘My Peeps’.  I love these Peeps year round.  They are often in my thoughts and prayers.

My Peeps are my family and friends. . . I feel so fortunate and blessed to have such wonderful family, extended family, and friends!

People in my life who care about and know me.  You know what I mean those who love you through thick and thin and are there for you no matter what.

I have so many friends and family that I can rely on for pretty much anything.  Peeps that know the little things about me.  Some of them live close and I can hug them often.  Others far away and some that I have never even met in person.  But hope to someday!

Today I want to talk about two of my Peeps.

The first one is my Peep, Carolynn from Chenille Cottage.  If you know her at all you know how incredibly sweet she is.  Yesterday, I was relaxing in my family room when I heard a knock on the door.  When I opened it I saw the UPS truck driving away and a box on my porch.  Much to my surprise it was from Carolynn.

For no reason, no reason at all; (other than she is a sweetheart) she sent me a package.  Oh my gosh!  Look at the treasures inside.  Two darling toppers with bouncing bunnies.  A precious spoolie, a cute wheelbarrow full of tasty jelly beans, garden seeds, a fuzzy little chick, and a sweet card.



See, Carolynn is one of those people who knows and remembers things about me.  Like how much I love to garden.  She bought this little wheelbarrow because she saw it and it reminded her of my Strawberry Cart that I showed in a post.  She also remembered how I love fuzzy little chicks because I always got one in my Easter basket as a child.


She knows that I love sewing, crafting, and birds.  Is this felted wool birdie not the cutest thing you ever did see?  I’ve always wanted to learn how to felt wool.


Oh there are a lot of other Peeps out there in the land of blog that I have grown to love and adore.  But thank you Carolynn for your sweet, kind, and generous heart!

The second one is my youngest daughter, Kylee.  Her and her husband are off on an adventure in San Sebastian, Spain.  They are so giving and could care less about worldly things.  They are over there teaching English.  They are both full of ambition and have launched a new business.  One that will not only help them, but help others. (if you decide you want a pair, don’t miss the coupon code on the side for a $5 discount)

Let me tell you just a couple things about Kylee.  She’s a daughter who told her mom that she wanted to be ‘just like her’ when she grew up.  She’s also the daughter that sent her mom this hummingbird & locket necklace for Valentines Day because she saw it and it reminded her of me running around my back yard trying to snap pics of hummingbirds for my blog.  A post that was featured twice I might add. lol!


Give them a visit and see what Rope Souls is all about.  Even if they’re not for you the story is worth reading.  Here they are sporting their Rope Souls in San Sebastian.  Read more on their blog.




I was hoping to get some pics of me gardening in my rope souls.  They are so darn comfy.  Too cold today.  I bought me two pair.  A natural and a green.  Can’t wait to get mine wet.  Oh yes, hubby and I are going to Spain for a visit in June.

This is a long post, but here is another peek at our basement.


Fireplace and mantel and brick wall in the theater room.  We have what they call a daylight basement with 9 ft. ceilings and lots of wonderful light.  Notice the snow outside still.  It’s the North side so it hasn’t melted there yet.


The wood guy custom built my mantle and barn doors.  Love them!  The doors are going in my craft room.  Can’t wait to see them hung.  The ceiling and back wall in the theater room is painted a darker grey. The pillars will have lights on them and I have a fun vintage piece to hang on the brick. (Gotta keep you guessing) I went with 8” flat baseboards throughout.  Love them too!


When we first hired our contractor he wanted to see my upstairs to get a feel of what I liked.  Hubby and I are usually do-it-yourselfers, but we knew this was a bigger job than us two old folks wanted to take on.  Remember when we installed the bead board on our living room ceiling?  If not, you can read about it here: Extra, Extra, Read all About it! Really quite comical.

I have to tell you what our contractor said to me after I told him some of the things I wanted.  He said, “Now your mixing styles.  You’ve got Farmhouse and Craftsman”.  Then he continued, “But that’s o.k.; because you’re Ecclectic”

Oh my gosh, just by looking at my upstairs he knew my style!

Wishing you and your Peeps a happy Easter!



Anonymous said...

Your basement is looking fantastic. I love love love those barn doors!

Unknown said...

Your basement is coming right along-can't wait to see more progress.
About to head over to your
daughter's spot.
Have a wonderful Easter!

Pamela Gordon said...

Those rope soles are really neat Jann. I think your family room is going to be beautiful and I love your new doors. I wish you and yours a blessed Easter! Pamela

Susie said...

I liked this post...lots of things to see and read about. Nice gifts you recieved. Those rope snadles, fun. Your family room is going to be wonderful. xoxo,Susie

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Very nice surprise from Carolynn. Love the little spoolie. I think your basement is gonna be awesome. I am eclectic too. Too boring to be all one style!

Chenille Cottage said...

My dear sweet friend...
You are such a joy and so much fun to pamper. While I was working on my little critters I kept thinking about you and I just knew that I that I wanted to make a "Little Chicklette" for you, too.

I have loved becoming friends and visiting back and forth over the many months. I remember when you and your gal pals were going to travel to Oregon last year. It was then that I knew we would become lasting friends.

I look forward to each visit to your darling blog and rejoice in all the wonderful things you create and share. You have enriched my life as you have so joyfully shared about your family, faith, gardening, creating, enthusiasm for life and loving friendship.

I am enjoying getting little peeks at your basement...What a delight. Your carpenter is an artisan. Thanks for sharing the journey, Jann.

Have a sweet day and a Happy Easter, my lovable friend.
Carolynn xoxo

Createology said...

I love Peeps...the bright colors and the sparkle they have...but I never like to eat them. Your basement is going to be fabulous. I love seeing the progress. Happy Hopping...

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...


You summed it all up-the unselfish love, caring and support. Whether it be a beloved family member or friend.
A very touching post-
Sweet Hugs!

Kris said...

I love this post Jann! How kind of Carolynn to send you such thoughtful things! I am going to go over read your sweet daughter's story as soon as I leave here.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the barn doors.

cynthia lee designs said...

Your basement is looking good!! Love the barn doors!
The felted wool birdie is so adorable and so is the fuzzy yellow chick!!

Sumaya at Evocative Vintage said...

A beautiful post about unconditional love and support. You are blessed Jann and I love those Rope Souls...they look ultra comfy and stylish to boot! Thanks for another peeak into your basement the barn doors!

Happy Spring!;)

RopeSouls said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'm also proud to say that Kylee is already a lot like you and I couldn't be happier about that. Keep up the great blogging!


Anonymous said...

You are indeed blessed ~ Lovely post and photographs and what lovely friends you have ~ Enjoy ^_^

ps. thanks for 'visiting' and commenting .

Denise Marie said...

She is a sweetie!

Laura said...

Hi, just coming to thank you for visiting me (via Diana) and following! love your new doors and all the lovely gifts you recieved, what a lovely friend! look forward to more of your posts!
laura x

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Hello Hello again! First let me say thank you for coming back again and for letting me know you are going to feature me in a post. How sweet! Can't wait to see! Also, your Peeps are amazing! Your friend, your daughter...the rope souls idea is great! Great photos of them near the water.

And last but not least....I admire your new basement! I have been trying to get the hubs to redo the basement for the past four years. We are moving at a snails pace. Maybe your basement photos will inspire! :)

Again, thanks so much!

Bella Rosa Antiques

Cynthia said...


What a wonderful and thoughtful person and the gifts she sent are lovely. That wheelbarrow is adorable and so are the other items. The family room is really coming along and will be beautiful......Happy Easter!!!


Rose L said...

Such a sweet gift.
I like the word eclectic. Such a great word on the tongue!

Unknown said...

I so enjoy reading your posts and am loving watching the transformation of your basement!! Have a wonderful Easter!