Give Thanks!

Now that November has arrived many of us are anticipating the excitement of the upcoming holidays.  Thoughts of tinsel and sparkle are running rampant through our minds.

Although I am so excited to start decorating fro Christmas I can NOT let the Thanksgiving holiday go unnoticed.    I realize that we should, and hopefully are thankful every day of our life.  But for us, November is the month to celebrate and acknowledge just how appreciative we are.


A couple of weeks ago my sister and I decided to walk into Pebbles, a local scrapbook/party type store.  They had this ‘give thanks’ garland draped from their ceiling and I loved it.

I ordered a kit, but did not however realize how huge it was.  The background is just a simple pennant banner cut from a dictionary that I sewed together on my machine.

There were 26 of them and they seemed to go on forever.  However, I just sewed away and didn’t give it much thought.  Then the kit came with quote cards, Autumn leaf cutouts, inventory cards, orange glittery letters, and clothespins.  You simply glued the letters to the inventory cards and then pinned everything to the pennant banner.



I decided to ink it to give it a little bit of an aged look.  It wasn’t until I brought it up from my craft room and started to assemble it that I realized it was huge.  The mother of all banners!  lol!

I held it up to my mantle and started to laugh.  Like that was going to work.  It was about triple the size I needed.  What’s a gal to do?  Well, I tried this.  Guess what?  I love it for a change!


Precious pictures of the ones I love. . .family!






A great reminder to ‘give thanks’!


Today we are especially thankful that Kylee and Dustin are back home safely after being gone a year.  We will celebrate with a family dinner tonight.  Lots of adventures to hear about!



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Leovi said...

I like this this creative wreath!

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Love your banner, so beautiful! What a wonderful keepsake.

20 North Ora said...

Jann - Love that banner - kinda a reminder of everything you are thankful for.


Unknown said...

It's beautiful, Jann! Happy Sunday!

Susie said...

Well it certainly fit the big window and looks amazing. I love all the pictures you added to it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Lois' Laughlines said...

That is adorable. I loved that you use photos.

Junkchiccottage said...

I love this. The photo's make it so special.

Lorraine said...

Your banner turned out beautifully, love the layering of ephemera and photos!
~Lorraine ♥♥♥

The Old Parsonage said...

It's perfect on the windows - love it!! I have a mini mini one:) You just reminded me!!

Enjoy your family!

Linda W. said...

Love the banner. And I especially like that you added photos of your loved ones to it. Wonderful idea!

Annesphamily said...

Oh the banner is beautiful! Love your creative heart! Happy week to you! Hugs Anne

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jann I really like the banner but it is large! Love that you added family photos. I might make one of a smaller scale!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Hope you are having a wonderful family dinner. The banner is so special with the family pictures, how precious.

Karie said...

I love the banner. It is a wonderful reminder to be grateful. I think I will work something like that for my home. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Karie

lynn cockrell said...

Jann, your banner is fabulous! It really is huge, but it makes a powerful statement filled with the photos of those people and things for whom you are most grateful. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Hoping your week will be great!

cynthia lee designs said...

Love your banner!! It turned out great.

priscilla said...

Great banner Jann ! Love that you have photos on it !

Laura Turner said...

Wow, that did turn out quite long, but what a great idea! Love it! So good to take time to be thankful-we are so blessed. Thanks for linking up with Inspired Sunday.

Kris said...

Love, LOVE, love this!!!! So happy your family members are home!!
xo Kris

One More Time Events said...

So cute and what a great idea including the pictures! Love it!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love how it gets a personal banner thanks to the pictures, such a great idea!

Adrienne said...

Very nice! =)

Rose L said...

I like the family photos added to the banner.

Anonymous said...

Jann, I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who also cherishes this holiday as well. In fact, it's become one of my favorites, a little more quiet and relaxed and still a wonderful time spent with those I love. Now, I agree, talk about a BANNER, WOW!!! It definitely found the perfect home.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful idea! I like that you included family photos in the babnner.

Debby Ray said...

WOW! What a cool idea! This is fantastic...and just how long did it take you to make it???? That is ONE. LONG. BANNER! You rock, Jann :)

Tea in the Library said...

Love the family pictures mixed into the banner. Really reminds one of all for which we are thankful. My Halloween sits on a pile on the on the dining room table, and Thanksgiving decorating has been set aside while I work up a project for our church Advent Brunch/craft party.