Better Things

I can hardly wait to tell you todays challenge so I can get on to bigger and better things.

Sorry, but I’m finding myself a bit bored with my recent posts.

I’m nice, but not that nice!

Geez Louise, I just realized that it’s only day 4. That means 10 more days to go. Oh, I can do it but I might just have to sneak in something a little more exciting now and then.

Day 4 Challenge: Kiss your sweetie before you say ‘goodnite’


My hubby and I have done a lot of wrong things in our 38 years of marriage.

One thing that we’ve done right is we kiss each other before going to sleep each night and before he leaves for work in the morning.

It’s as habitual as brushing my teeth. I’d be out of sorts if it didn’t happen.

Now that’s done I must share with you my latest.

Not to say that kissing isn’t a good thing – there’s nothing quite like a good kiss!

I went to get a hair cut yesterday, didn’t happen; but then that’s a whole other story.

Found a few finds in ‘The Emporiums’ gift shop.


Look at this pillow sporting my favorite color, red. I adore the muslin trailing flowers. So dang cute!


Also found this wreath to match. It has a burlap base which put a pounding in my heart.  You’d  think I was raised in a potato sack.  My hairdresser, Shalona is a very creative woman.

Now with the purchase of my new treasures my latest dilemma is, “Where am I going to hang that wreath?”

Only my hairdresser knows for sure. :)

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Kathy Watkins said...

Love, love your new pillow and wreath.
I love to come to your house and see
all the cute and inspiring things!!!