SWEET Coincidence. . .

Before I tell you who the winner is of my rolled paper wreath I must tell you of the SWEET COINCIDENCE my hubby and I shared together last night.

When he returned home from work we enjoyed a delicious dinner together. BBQ. steak, grilled shrimp, and Caesar salad. Followed by chocolate dipped strawberries, (thanks Karrah and Jayson) and a couple of chocolates I bought at Peppermint Place. A fun little candy store just down the road from us.

Afterwards he said, “I down loaded a couple of chick flicks from Net Flicks for us to watch together.” Now, watching one chick flick is impressive for any man; but two, that’s fantastic!

The first one was called, “Feed the Fish”. I really enjoyed it, but the fun thing about it is that it took place in a little town in Wisconsin we visited last Fall. We vacationed to ‘Door County’. It is an area full of lots of tiny little quaint towns on Lake Michigan. We stayed in ‘Fish Creek’ but about 10 – 15 miles up the road was Ellison Bay.  That is the town where the movie took place. It literally is the last town. Drive any further and you are in the lake. I loved this vacation! To see more, check out my Sept. blog, “If I wouldn’t Miss the Mountains.


I bought this picture in one of those quaint towns.  I love all of the doors and the primitive frame.  My hubby actually found it and said, “Jann, here’s one you might like.”  Boy, he knows me so well!

The second movie was called, ‘My Girlfriends Boyfriend’. I loved it too! The fun thing about this one is that it was filmed in our very own S.L.C. With the first movie we realized right off the bat where it was filmed. With this one we weren’t sure until the end. My hubby kept saying, “That looks like S.LC., the airport, and the view from the rooftop.

How cool is that? Two movies with special meaning! What a SWEET COINCIDENCE!! They both were given 4 stars and I would highly recommend them. Oh, and by the way; they had some pretty hilarious scenes in them the men would enjoy also. Especially the first one.

BEWARE OF BADGERS! Or squirrels, searching for nuts.  You’ll know what I mean if you watch “Feed the Fish”.

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for - The Lucky Winner is: Kari Hellbusch

Kari is a follower that lives in Caddy Lane. She buys old furniture then paints and restores it. I saw a turquoise cabinet, buffet type piece that she did and it was awesome! I think the wreath will look great in her house. I have not quite finished it yet, but will deliver it by this weekend. I will post a pic.

p.s.  If you are dying to have one of these I will be happy to help you make one!

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Peg said...

Congratulations Kari, you lucky girl.I have seen some of the materials that Jann used to make the wreath with. I am sure it will be to die for. Well, maybe not that drastic, but it will be beautiful.