Let’s Do Lunch!

What better time to catch up on someone’s life than over lunch?

Today’s Challenge: Invite someone special to have lunch with you.



Just like a pretty blooming flower can brighten a dreary wintery day. An invite to do lunch, a way to get out of the office or home can do the same.

I’ll be inviting three special someone’s to have lunch with me today, my darling daughters.


Nikki said...

Oh boo hoo... I just saw your blog and I am sad that lunch didn't work out yesterday!! Hopefully we can do it soon!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Even though my girls could not do lunch I had a wonderful burger and homemade fries with one of my best-o's. Joyce and I have been friends since 6th grade. She's a keeper! When I called her to go to lunch I asked her where she'd like to go. When she picked the bowling alley I was a bit hesitant. Thoughts of a smokey haze filled room entered into my head. Decided to go with it and it was scrumptious! No more smokey bowling alleys. I don't care if people smoke, just don't want to have it where I am eating. Just thought I set that straight.