The Month of LOVE

From now until Valentines Day I am going to challenge myself daily to show some type of affection.

Feel free to join me in these challenges and I would love to hear your results.

Todays challenge: Hug at least one person

This should be an easy one.


I realize that these are going to be things that we should be doing all of the time.  I don’t think that it hurts to bring it to our attention every now and then.  What better time than the month of February?


Ky said...

I hope you hug me!

Lady Di said...

what a great challenge for all those you care about and love. But, my loving hubby will thinks it means something else... Woo-Hoo what a great day! Kidding.

Lachelle said...

My hubby is out of town so I'll give my baby boys lots of squeezes today! I love your February Calender and your other Valentine crafts! You are so talented Jann!

kenzi said...

i hugged four people today! so far so good.

Mema Rocks said...

I hugged an old friend today. Just lost a friend last week to leukiemia. Makes you thankful for those you do have. Thanks for posting all of your fun things that you do. Thanks for the Pepsi and banana bread today it was great and so are you. Muriel

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hugged my hubby twice today. He came home with open arms because he had read my blog. I must admit though, I missed an opportunity for two more hugs. Joyce and Muriel stopped by and I didn't think to hug them. What was I thinking? Hope the banana bread made up for it.

Peg said...

Man you are getting very popular, I haven't checked your blog out for a few days and you already have a lot of comments. I hugged my hubby yesterday and also a co-worker, it was her Birthday. So I am doing good even without being challenged. Sounds like I could work on not bragging about being so good, right?