A long time ago in the land of quilting a quilter decided that she wanted to learn how to applique.

After taking a trip to a fun local quilt shop, Broadbents she signed up for a needle turn applique class – “Chocolate Bunnies

At first she was gung-ho and completed her blocks before anyone else in the class. Mind you they weren’t perfect. After all, she was a beginner. However, they weren’t bad and she felt as though she was improving with each one.

OH, the dreaded mistake. She put them down. That’s all it took and she found herself not being in the mood to work on them. Actually, she tried once while flying to Puerto Vallarta for a vacation. This was not possible because her daughter kept sleeping on her shoulder.

Alas, the poor little critters got tucked away into her U.P. (unfinished projects) box. It’s not a bad place, it’s actually quite cute. A fabric covered blue with brown polka-dots box.

Two years ago she picked them up again and managed to complete all but two blocks. But behold, Easter arrived and she lost interest.

As of late, she has been hearing the smallest little peep…peep…peep. Yeah, I know, it’s called Chocolate Bunnies; but what’s a bunny without a chick friend?

So out it came again. What do you think? Can she complete it before Easter?

I know that her little bunnies, chicks, rooster (yes, there is one rooster) would like to come out of the barnyard. It’s getting a little boring in that cute blue and brown polka dot box!


so close but yet so far away from being finished.


Large chocolate bunny – that’s a whole lot of chocolate!


There’s that rooster I was talking about.



How sweet, they take turns pulling each other around for fun.


At least they have a few toys to entertain themselves.


I think that they are so bored that they have nothing better to do than sit on eggs. Maybe they are trying to hatch some new friends. Can bunnies hatch eggs?


What’s this you ask? That mighty hole where the last two blocks belong. What do you think? Can I fill them? Keep your fingers crossed!


Ky said...

nice story mom! Sorry I slept on your shoulder so much, its just so comfortable! You can finish it though! I believe in you, and if you finish it, i will let you sleep on my shoulder

Peg said...

I love this quilt because, I have been watching you work on it for a long time. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing that you sometimes, actually very seldom, struggle a bit to get a project finished. I have a huge box of unfinished projects so see we have a very small thing in common, well, that is quite a stretch, but I will take it. The quilt is beautiful! I am cheering for you to get it done for Easter. It is later this year the 24th of April, so you've got time. loved the story too! Bunnies, chicks, chocolate whats not to love?

Lady Di said...

You can do it! Knowing Jann, like all of her friend do, will have them almost done by this posting. Once she put your mind to do something, Wha! La! Its done. I can't wait to hear what you'll have to say about the next two blocks. Cute story.

McFadden said...

Remember our phrase "YOU CAN DO IT"

falco said...

a rabbit riding a rooster now that is absurd!