Let’s Get Organized

This time of year while waiting for Spring to arrive I get a bit antsy. Therefore I look for things to occupy my time.

I have always been a buy ahead kind of lady. Whenever I see a good sale or something that would work for a birthday or Christmas present for the upcoming year I pick it up.

Ever since we moved into our new home a year and a half ago I have been shoving these ‘bargain’ items onto a shelf area in the back of our walk-in closet.

I took a good look at it the other day and thought, ‘It’s time to get organized!


Is this a conglomerated mess or what?

I dug right in, picked up some baskets and ‘got organized’.


Does this look better or what?


I found the baskets at Costco. No great bargain, $20 for two, but they fit the space perfectly.


Snagged these cute little bird tags at ‘The Emporium’ salon where I get my hair cut, 50 cents each; can’t beat that! My bathroom has a bird theme so they worked great.

I labeled each basket with the names of my grandchildren.

I finished my give-away wreath so I will post a pic tomorrow with a couple of other projects I’ve been working on.

Until then, find some time and GET ORGANIZED!

Even if it’s just a little something – It feels great!


Peg said...

You never stop! I wish I had your ambition. I am worried about one thing though, you just showed all the grandchildren where you stash their upcoming gifts, won't they peek?

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

I thought about that too peg. I will just have to tuck the tag inside the baskets whenever I know that they are coming. They don't go back into that part of the closet much. Although, they could see things even easier when they were just stashed back there. Hopefully it works.

Lady Di said...

How did you get all that stuff in just 8 baskets? Amazing! It does look much better. I know I have lots of closet that look like the before pic. I too, wish I had your energy and ambition. Sooner or later I'll get to some of those projects. More than likely Later....
All tired out thinking about it.

McFadden said...

While your waiting for SPRING come to my house and do some organizing. I wish I would get some of your antsy fever.