Signed, Sealed, Delivered. . . It’s Yours!

Actually, it’s not really signed or sealed. But tomorrow the wreath will be delivered and, wish I could say; “it’s yours”.

That might be a bit difficult since the lucky winner is vacationing in Australia at the moment. Wow, how lucky can one person be?


The winning token of my appreciation for visiting my blog.


Look at this sweet little glittery turquoise (sigh) bird that I found at Planted Earth. Can’t believe that I didn’t snatch one up for myself. Think I’ll head back over there and do just that!


I adorned it with another one of those darling bird tags created by Shalona. Would love to have that stamp! The wreath has a bit of sparkle to it but it didn’t really show in the pic.

I hope that Kari enjoys her new winnings!


Some time ago my sweet cuz, Betty gave me this vintage sewing book. I have been meaning to do something with it. I even took it to see how much it would cost to have it framed. They wanted $280. (that was at fifty percent off). Keep in mind, that it was bigger than this. I decided that I didn’t want to pay that much.

I ran across this cork board at T.J. MAXX and thought it might work.


I pulled out a few little trinkets to give it some PIZAZZ!


Look at these vintage styles. . . they are classic!


I think that Butterick is still around today.


No sewing board would be complete without a swatch of fabric and a moda label. The little pin and flower aren’t too shabby either. It’s those little things that make a difference.

Now, the only problem is that the walls in my sewing room are just blah-sy cream. This means that they will do nothing for a white frame.

I’ve been contemplating painting them chocolate brown. Not real dark, just mediocre . Guess that’s gotta be on the agenda for next week because I’m awfully anxious to hang my sewing board!


Lady Di said...

So cute as always! Nothing but the cutest ideas with your talented bones. That Betty is a jewel. She has so many neat old things. Lucky you! Darling way to disply old things and get them off the shelf.

Peg said...

So Jann, where do you get all this energy from? I need to paint my whole house it is so bad. Your sewing room will be done and your cute bulletin board with all the vintage patterns will be hanging up before I even decide where I am going to start. Man I wish I had your get up and go. It must be the cheerleader in you, that is why you are so energetic and get so much done. Keep it up girl you may inspire me yet.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Peg, true I was blessed with alot of energy, but you don't give yourself nearly enough credit. For starters, I don't work and the idea of painting an entire house is much more overwhelming than doing one little room. Remember your cute office you painted with the vintage tennis rackets hanging on the wall? Oh yeah, you forgot about that. Luv ya, so give yourself a pat on the back for me! Thanks Di, but you are one talented lady yourself!!

McFadden said...

I hate to say it but seeing the wreath makes me even more jealous. Lucky Lady, she will LOVE, I'm sure. Keep up the creativity, so we can all copy, if we ever get the energy

thedailygleim said...

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