Valentine Love

I just got home from a wonderful get-away with my sweet hubby.

We went to Lava Hot Springs. It is such a fun place to visit in the Winter. The air is chilly, steam is rising all around, and the hot water is so rejuvenating.

On our way there we stopped off at Smith and Edwards. Their logo is, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.”

After finding a darling 3 foot silvery, sparkly, glittery, Christmas tree that had a few silver balls attached to some of the branches; I think that their motto should be, “We have it, even if you don’t need it, buy it because it’s just too darn cute!”

Not only that, it was half price. How could I resist.

Wish I had a pic, but it is traveling home in someone else’s vehicle. I will have to show you later. Maybe even next Christmas.

Then from there we went to Maddox in the town of Perry.

DELICIOUS! You could smell their rolls and corn pokes even outside the restaurant. Their raspberry butter is so YUMMY! I had their special, 6 oz. sirloin with three large fried shrimp. It came with yummy carrots and I chose the baked potato and seafood cocktail.

After dinner we were all too full for dessert. That didn’t stop us though. My hubby bought us a raspberry cream pie to go. We (all 8 of us) shared it later that night. It was YUM-O!

So for today, I think my challenge is: relax, enjoy your loved one (s) and just pamper yourself.

Perhaps you could take a hot soak in your tub with steam rising all around and pretend that you are in Lava.

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling rejuvenated and know that I can endure Winter a bit longer.

Thanks for such a fun trip my Valentine Love!

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