Cottage Style and June Garden Link Party

Hello my friends and welcome to our monthly Garden Party!

A big thank you to Linda for creating our sweet Garden Party button.

The end of May and first couple of weeks in June is when I feel my garden has the most "Cottage Style"

It's my favorite kind of garden.  I love the haphazard unplanned look of it all!

This little gal joined me in the garden for a little whimsical fun one morning.

To achieve the cottage style I often let plants reseed throughout the garden.  Larkspur and Yarrow haphazardly show up here and there.

I have Feverfew in at least 5 different garden beds.  I never planted a single one.  I had them at my previous home and I must have brought some when I transplanted other starts.  :)

I don't mind because the bloom looks like the sweetest little Daisy.  Also, I just pull them out every year in the fall.  Next year I may have them in an entirely different spot.

Roses and daisies = love!

My French Lilac blooms long after my others are gone.

It's nice to enjoy them a bit later!

My Salmon Poppies bloom later than my orange, red, and white.  They opened up and then we had record heat the next few days.  They shriveled right up.  Hardly got to enjoy them.

My son and dil gifted me this red Peony last year for Mothers Day.  It only had two blooms this year, but boy was it pretty!

If you pay attention, the spent flowers are as interesting as the bloom was beautiful!

Roses. . .every cottage garden needs roses!

I tucked a sweet $20 thrift find iron bench in amongst my roses.

The rose garden is enclosed with a rusty iron fence.  The pineapple motif says, "welcome".

Our youngest daughter visited us during lunch one day.  She took a bouquet of roses back to the office with her.

The Sweet Rockets have all been cut back in front of Hilltop Cottage and Salvia now takes over.

The shade garden is always pretty and changes from month to month.

We had Chickadees lay eggs in this birdhouse.  We had so much fun watching the mama and daddy feed the babes.  We missed seeing them leave the nest.  :(

Clematis are a must for me in my cottage garden!

As is the sweet smelling Mock Orange.

The ferns, which were starts from my dear mothers garden are thriving and continuing to spread.

The name of this perennial is, Cottage Rose.  A cottage garden must!

Also, I have these unusual flowers blooming amongst the Coneflowers.  Anyone know what they are called.  (wink)

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my cottage style garden.  It is ever changing.  In fact just this week the Salvia has been cut back and I'm looking forward to giant Daisies!


Please be sue and visit the other hosts.  I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Now let's see your beautiful gardens.


Mary said...

Jann, You have such a beautiful garden and green thumb! I have lilac envy and I love your feverfew that reseeds. It's always a bonus and nice surprise when you have a volunteer that's a flower and not a weed. :) Thanks for hosting!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

I always enjoy seeing your gardens. I guess I must have a cottage style garden because I tend to plant my perennials in an unplanned manner! I have some lilacs that just finished blooming too and now the peonies are done. I wish I could make it all last so much longer! I have avoided poppies because I was afraid they'd spread and be hard to control. I do love them though! Your roses look beautiful- I always enjoy seeing any kind of rose! Love that purple salvia- it looks fantastic! Have a great 4th Jann!

Thelma said...

Thanks for hosting this lovely garden party. Your garden is beautiful. I had to look at all the beautiful flowers a few time to absorb it all. Have a great weekend.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Good Morning Jann!
Oh how your gardens make me crave the West even more. There is nothing as fine as garden in the West. I also love your adorable cottage yard art, everything is so inviting and welcoming too. The abundance of color and variety of species is just so, so beautiful!
Happy 4th of July Jann!

Bonnie said...

Jann, Your cottage garden is delightful! I would love to have so many blooming plants. Reseeding is what I need to learn more about.
Funny, years ago I planted larkspur and it came up faithfully for a few years ,then nothing. This year one plant popped up and it was a huge surprise.
Those plates like flowers are amazing.

Old Time Cindy said...

Love the look of all your flowers, Jann. Thought I'd join ya today. Thanks for hosting!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Does Salvia have to be cut back? I have some In a large pot and it isn't pretty anymore. Sounds like I need to cut it back? Any info you could put on your blog would be helpful about flowering plants that need to be cut back.

Jeanie said...

All your pinks and reds and oranges and purples have my heart in a tizzy! And I adore the little girl on the watering can!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Jann, your cottage gardens are beautiful. love the different varieties of flowers. What a darling little girl you have added to your garden. Re-seeding sounds interesting. The plate flowers are adorable. You must love strolling through your cottage gardens. Thank you Jann for the shout-out for making the garden party button. It was my pleasure. Happy 4th and a fun weekend.

Rita C at Panoply said...

Of course I loved the tour of your cottage garden, Jann! May and June are my favorite months for blooms, too, but the summer blooms will be enjoyed now, too. It's just that it seems easier to work among the blooms in those cooler months, and now that its hotter, I'm can't endure the heat as long. Thank you for hosting the garden party! Happy summer!

Stacey said...

Jann, I just love your garden! There's so much to see that is living and just for fun! You really make me want to grow more things!

Junkchiccottage said...

Jann your garden is so pretty. You can tell your lovely garden is well cared for with how wonderful all of them are growing. The florals are gorgeous. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Your garden is wonderful! Thanks for hosting such a fun party!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Your garden is so beautiful. So many flowers, a place to sit and watch.

Louca por porcelana said...

It looks like heaven!Stunning pictures!Thanks for the party!

Gingham Gardens said...

Holy cow, Jann, everything looks amazing! I spent way too much time in your garden looking at everything two or three times. I must move on to visit others. Happy gardening!

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Beautiful cottage gardens, Jann, love all the different flowers and colors. My pink coneflowers are just beginning to bloom, I almost thought they were a weed, so glad I didn't pull them up. Thanks for being one of the hosts.

Gina said...

Beautiful garden! The "plate flowers" are so clever. I love them!

Art and Sand said...

Your garden is amazing!

Seeing it makes me want to head out to the garden and play all day. But, I started painting the fireplace yesterday and need to finish.

Have a great 4th of July week.

Connie said...

Gorgeous!!! What more is there to say . . . absolutely gorgeous!
That sweet little door knob birdhouse stole my heart:)
Connie :)

csuhpat1 said...

Beautiful and lovely garden. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

So gorgeous! Of course now I want to tear out all of my wild garden mess and replant with some of your flowers. Love the cottage rose. My flowers are all taking so long to grow this year, it is maddening. I am glad to be able to enjoy gorgeous flowers here at your post!